The definitive writer for * character

So i wanna do a list (for myself and the forum) of each character and who was or is their definitive writer
by definitive i mean the character that will always remember as the one who had the best run, shaped the character, was the best writer and everytime you will pop the character name… the writer name will also come up

THOR-Walter Simonson no questions here

Captain America: ill quote Sano on that

Superman: I guess it should either Moore or Morrison, but for definitive ill have to go Mort Weisinger, i wanna hear g00dy and Rugal thoughts on that

Fantastic Four: Stan Lee,

Daredevil-Probaly Frank Miller he is the guy who gave the tone for other writers like Bendis and Brubaker to make Murdock life a living hell

Batman: Dennis Oniell, Grant morrison, Frank Miller

Hulk- Peter David

Deadpool - Joe Kelly

Punisher - Garth Ennis

Animal Man- Grant Morrison

Doom Patrol-Grant Morrison

JLA-Grant Morrison

Catwoman- Ed Brubaker

X MEN- Chris Claremont Grant Morrison

Star Man- James Robinson

The Question-Dennis Oniell

The Flash-Geoff Johns

Spider Man- Brian Michael Bendis

Flex Mentallo- Grant Morrison

Swamp Thing- Alan moore

Iron Man-Warren Ellis

Thunderbolts-Kurt Buisek Warren Ellis

Nightwing- Chuck Dixon

well that’s what i got for now
do post about your thoughts and ill edit the first post

I liked Geoff Johns Superman stories =/
…but as far as Spidey goes, I’d say JMS

For Hulk it’s Peter David easy.

Spider-Man’s really difficult because a lot of runs have had really heavy editorial scrutiny, some of which has been good but a lot of which has been bad. I’d go with Lee and Ditko though, the original run. I liked JMS and if we are not talking Amazing then I liked PAD’s run on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man a little better. Though PAD did have a lot less editorial scrutiny since his book didn’t say ‘Amazing’ on it. Not really blaming anyone at Marvel of course but they naturally have to be very protective of the character.

Fantastic Four I still have to go old school again and go with Lee and Kirby. Galactus, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Skrulls, Kree… I mean no matter how you look at it there’s so many relevant things in FF and it pretty much built the core of what the Marvel Universe is today.

For X-Men even though a lot of Claremont’s stuff doesn’t hold up as much as it used to he did so much for X-Men and came up with so many characters and concepts it is almost impossible to ignore what he has done with the franchise. Other authors who have come up with more contemporary takes on the characters like Morrison, Whedon and Carey are still using a lot of the same building blocks he laid out.

For Batman I LOVE Denny O’Niel but I will have to go with Morrison. Because he is blending everything from different arcs together and has created a world where despite Infinite Crisis style retcons pretty much every single Batman story you’ve read still happened one way or another. I mean for crying out loud he brought in CHIEF O’HARA from the '60s TV Show in Batman #700 giving him his first Batman comic book appearance. I don’t always understand what Morrison is doing (Final Crisis) and sometimes I don’t get him at all (a prose story in Batman, like WHA…) but everything he does is on a legendary scale and it’s very hard to ignore.

Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck - CARL BARKS FTW! Don Rosa is really good too though.

Deadpool - Joe Kelly

No constet. Some of Daniel Way’s recent stuff has come close but nothing tops Kelly’s run.

Punisher - Garth Ennis

Again, absolutely no contest.

Good good keep’em coming

No love for Fabian Niceza? He wrote the Cable and Deadpool series, he could be ranked 2nd after Kelly at least.

Peter David writng Hulk back in the day was top-tier.His & Dan Slott’ She-Hulk were pretty good too.I only wish Marvel would stop cancelling the series.Morrison is the best Batman writer to date.

Let’s start off with the no-brainers: Swamp Thing - Alan Moore. The Punisher - Garth Ennis. Animal Man - Morrison. Doom Patrol - Morrison. Catwoman - Brubaker. JLA - Morrison. Starman - James Robinson. Golden Age Sandman - Matt Wagner/Steven T. Seagle. Supreme - Alan Moore. Stormwatch - Warren Ellis. Wildcats - Joe Casey. The Question - Denny O’Neill.

For Spider-Man, I would honestly go with Bendis. Stan Lee was first, of course, so obviously everything that came after must be compared to the original. But to me, Bendis’ Spider-Man is THE definitive take on the character, especially for our generation. As much as I enjoyed Paul Jenkins’ work and the stuff by JMS and Peter David, Bendis has written such an incredible volume of consistently great Spider-Man stories that I honestly don’t think that it’s fair to everyone else just based on number of issues. Bendis is the definitive Spider-Man writer.

For Captain America, I would also go with Brubaker. Steranko’s run was so short that I don’t think it would be right to call it “definitive” (especially because it was largely memorable due to his amazing art) and I don’t think I care for much of the old Captain America stories (other than Kirby’s art).

X-Men, I would go with Morrison. Even though Claremont was the one who revived them and basically saved Marvel back in the late '70s, I’m still going with Morrison. To me, “definitive” not only means that the body of work distilled everything that is great about the franchise, but also that the work holds up today and is worthy of being continually read by new readers and being reread by the rest of us. And, uh, sorry, but I don’t think I ever need to read The Dark Phoenix Saga ever again.

Daredevil, I would also go with Frank Miller. I think I enjoyed Bendis’ and Brubaker’s work more, and there are definitely aspects to Miller’s run that didn’t age well (too many expository story recaps). But that’s okay.

For Batman, I would also go with Frank Miller. Year One and DKR are still the definitive Batman stories. They’re both superbly crafted and pretty much distill everything there is about the Batman character.

Fantastic Four has to be Lee/Kirby. Their work on FF is the cornerstone the Marvel Universe is built on. 50 years later and people are still strip-mining those stories for ideas. Even though the dialogue may be a bit hokey, it’s still sincere and Kirby’s imagination was just awesome. The storytelling itself holds up and there’s no denying that so much else is dependent on the original Silver Age run. I will say that Mark Waid definitely wrote my FAVORITE Fantastic Four, though.

The Flash would be Geoff Johns for me. I’m probably biased because I really did not like Waid’s Flash comics. Johns’ Flash wasn’t perfect (he totally stumbled before the finish) but it’s still what I think of whenever I think of the character of the Flash. I also think Johns wrote the best Teen Titans (well, volumes 1, 2, and 4 are certainly definitive in my mind) even though I’m sure most people would go with Marv Wolfman. (Wolfman : Teen Titans :: Claremont : X-Men) And I’d say Johns wrote the definitive JSA, but I must admit I haven’t cared to read much other JSA other than the stuff he wrote before Identity Crisis.

Cable’s (yes, Rob Liefeld’s Cable) definitive writer has got to be Joe Casey. He and Ladronn did one of the unsung runs of late '90s superhero comics. Never been collected but it’s epic, powerful work. And all of us MvC2 players owe Casey for the Psimitar.

Iron Man is tough. I guess historically, most would say Michelinie/Layton. But I can’t read that stuff! It’s not up to my modern day standards and sensibilities. So I will go with Warren Ellis. Extremis is the definitive statement on the modern day Iron Man. Fraction has a good chance of supplanting Ellis in the future. Fraction’s definitely the definitive Iron Fist writer, although it’s not like he’s had much competition… But still.

Conan the Barbarian is tough, too. Roy Thomas did some awesome Conan comics back in the day, stuff that’s still much better than many of today’s fantasy comics. But Busiek’s Dark Horse stuff is really good, too. If anything, Thomas may get the nod because he did have a bigger body of work.

Green Arrow? Probably Mike Grell. I’ve only read bits and pieces of it, though. I really liked Kevin Smith’s GA (probably my favorite Kevin Smith comics ever) but due to the scope and ambitions of his work I doubt it would be right to pick it over Grell’s.

This is an interesting thread. Interested in seeing more comments.

Any Excalibur issue not written by Alan Davis is automatic failure. Best Nightcrawler EVER! Heck you can call his run the ‘Definitive Nightcrawler’ if you want. Well the first limited series with Cockrum (RIP) was really good for Nightcrawler too.

And the list got bigger cool

What about Thunderbolts? i guess it should go to either Buisek or Ellis

added Morrison for Flex Mentallo… lol

Personally, I’d go with Ellis for the Thunderbolts because it’s got more of a 21st century tone to it. (And maybe because I like it more.) But it’s often hard to top the guy who created the concept in the first place, especially if it hasn’t been around all too long. Like, I don’t think anyone else can come close to Ellis when it comes to The Authority.

(btw, Catwoman’s definitive writer should be Brubaker. My formatting in my previous post was confusing. Sorry about that.)

No no it was my mistake i edited the post with so many Morrisons it got mixed up

Anyway ill put both Busiek and Ellis for now

Who would you say is the definite writer(s) for-
Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s probably gotta be the guy who created him, Doug Moench. It’s not like there’s much competition. I really liked Charlie Huston’s run, but other than that one issue by Tomm Coker, the art sucked pretty badly.

Aquaman, uh, Peter David wrote a decent chunk of issues back in the '90s… But I don’t know. Maybe some characters are still waiting for that definitive writer. I have no idea about Hawkman.

Another no-brainer is Chuck Dixon for Nightwing.

I did enjoy Tomasi’s run towards the end of the series though.

If we are just talking Dick Grayson and not his NW persona than you can probably give that to Morrison with the stuff he’s doing with Batman right now. If you want to give Morrison even more props in this thread of course, but the Batman nod probably covers it.

Paul Levitz for LOSH?

Most likely. Either him or Keith Giffen. I have never really bothered with the Legion but those are the two names most associated with them.

Going with mostly DC titles

JLA: Gardner Fox and Grant Morrison
Superman: ELLIOT S! MAGGIN, Cary Bates, Jerry Siegel, Edmund Hamilton
Flash: Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns
Batman: Dennis O’Neil
Legion: Paul Levitz
Green Lantern: Geoff Johns
Titans: Marv Wolfman (New Teen Titans then RIVALED claremont and Byrne’s Uncanny X-men)
Doom Patrol - Grant Morrison
Amimal Man: Grant Morrison

Marvel is of course

Fantastic Four: Stan Lee (IMO his run on FF is above my big three greatest runs of all time alongside Fox’s JLA, and Weisinger edited Superman) then probably John Byrne
X-Men: Claremont (80’s)
Spidey: Stan Lee
Avengers: Kurt Buseik
Hulk: PAD
Thor: Walt Simonson
Iron Man: Matt Fraction
Cap: Ed Brubaker
Daredevil: Frank Miller, Ed Brubaker

Moore wrote two of the VERY BEST superman stories ever, For the Man who has everything and the last pre-crisis story whatever happened to the man of tomorrow but I just wish he had a longer run.

And Mort Weisinger is not a writer but an editor (and an actual Jerkass from what I know) he bullied and hounded writers under him, HOWEVER he was able to enjoy a very lucrative run on Superman which most editors of today would ever dream of, and successfully built the Superman Mythos as one explosive pool of unforgettable ideas and concepts in superheroes still being enjoyed today (err… nope you can’t Blame Weisinger for “War of the Supermen” :slight_smile: )

Interesting thing about Weisinger though… Jim Shooter Quit DC because he couldn’t stand Weisinger being an Ass, but when Shooter became EIC of Marvel, he became a Jerkass himself and was subsequently fired (to be replaced by DeFalco I think) :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Mort Weisinger (a Control Freak) and Alan Moore (An extreme Non-conformist) would NOT be able to get along… No effing way (though It looks good to me on paper)

Speaking of Alan Moore…

Someone Mentioned Aquaman…

IMO even a Combination of Alan Moore and Jim Lee** and a 25 Cents pricing would NEVER ever redeem Aquaman from Obscurity :smiley: :smiley:

sorry double post.

Thing is Shooter was actually a good EiC at the time till he lost it.