The Denjin

How practical is the Denjin Hadoken in high level play? Although it is a good super for mixups and the sort, against higher level players wouldn’t most denjin setups lead to a chain of parries? Besides, choosing this super really takes off from Ryu’s EX game. Just wondering, is all.

Read the other threads… they talk about them in there. Namely the Ryu general strategy.

Long answer short: SAI>SA2/SA3

SAI gives lots of EX, easy to link/cancel into, does decent damage. Good general SA; works well w/ all play styles.
SA2 is pure damage, but long single bar means that you don’t have super for half the round, but land it and your gold. Not much EX potential though. More for the turtle Ryu.
SA3 setups can lead to more damage than SA2 if used properly. More for rushdown/stun-style Ryu. You don’t really have any bar for EX, which can limit how much damage you can land while waiting for the Denjin to charge. Vulnerable to parries since you can’t hit confirm it.

All SA’s for Ryu are usable, but it depends on your play style.

Long answer short: SAI>SA2/SA3? i’m goin to have to disagree with u there bro, like you said it all depends on your playing style. As for high level play denjin is used by some of the top players such as Frankie3S, but it could be a matter on who you play against or your style.

Frankie3s is the only top player Ryu that use Denjin

Mixups are the heart and soul of higher level play.

I’ve seen another Ryu play Dejinn other than Frankie, but it was a japanese name I didn’t recognize. And he got raped by KO, so studying Frankie will prolly be your best course of action.

And at high level play, the Dejinn can be easily parried if you use it the scrub way (ie from huge distance). Using it on mixups, throwing a regular jab fireball to fuck up parry timing, trapping them in the corner, etc really makes the damn thing harder to parry. Its always possible though.

I’m going to stick w/ my assertion that SA1 is best for Ryu. His fireball, side kick, and hurricane (to a limited degree) are all moves greatly improved by EXing it (except for the side kick [which isn’t safe on block], but it’s a juggle starter). Having safe low options like xx ex fb, which can lead to a knockdown/wake up situation are a nice benefit to SA1.

That’s not saying SA2 or 3 are bad Super Arts. It totally depends on the style that you play. However, they don’t always work well in different situations. For example, SA2 and SA3 aren’t very good if your low on life and they’re ahead of you. You would need to get close (and score a knockdown for SA3) before you can really start to do damage.

With SA1, you can stay just outside their poke range and punish whiff’s w/ ex fb’s. You don’t get that benefit with SA2/3 because they only stock 1 bar. Likewise, you can use ex moves when turtling w/ SA1 by not letting them get close to you.

I dunno… just because a couple high-level players use SA3 doesn’t mean it’s best. It just works for them. What I’m saying is that SA1 is generally a good choice to make, whether you’re a noob or you’re Frankie3s. Actually, I’ve seen people use SA2 in fairly high level matches, and they’ve won with it… but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best SA.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you like best. My friends use Shinsho, but I like Denjin (even though it’s hard to land). Soo… do what you like… but you really can’t go wrong w/ SA1, imo.

Lots of Japanese players use Denjin once in a while but they don’ht have any real setups for it. Basically they’ll hope for a throw into denjin or basic hadoken > Denjin. I was hoping some japanese player would learn something from Frankie3S and their might have been a Denjin Ryu Mania started, but i guess not.

The Denjin, for me, is THE one and only SA I’d ever need to use with Ryu :karate:.
The fact of the fact is Ryu’s attacks/combos can cause a good deal of stun damage & after I’ve infilcted enough stun on them, I’d try to corner them & use the Denjin after they’re knocked down by a Shoryuken or anything. This gives me a chance for a free combo.
TBH I don’t think Ryu needs to use EX moves a lot as his normal moves cause a good deal of damge anyways…unless you’d want to be flashy :clap:.
I’d really like to see some top notch matches of Frankie3S with Denjin after reading what is said of him.

Id think SA2 would best againest Akuma since it basically kills him when his got less than 3/4 of his health bar.

You dont have to go for the full stun go for 2-3 hit of it. If you stick them with a small denijin, try to land as many pokes as possible and it will keep the stun from going down. In the mean time, youre building up for another another denijin and usually the 2nd one will do it. ALWAYS ALWAYS go for ryu’s back throw the one where he throws you off of his back. It does more stun than the front one. The 2nd denijin can also be used as parry bait. Try to get the opp mid screen, get them to parry and go for a, lk donkey kick. it links and adds some decent stun. By this time your opponent will have near stun if the opp is not stun already. If you play this style right you will always be on the opponent and the opp will probably have near half stun nearly every round.

In the beginning of the round stand back and do as many mp’s as possibel to build it up. The opp will see this and hopefully they will attack you. hit them with a damaging combo and bam you have a denijin built up. I usually can get a denijin within the first 10 seconds if the match plays my way. You cant do this all the time but if the opp gives you the oppurtunity i highly recommend on taking it.

and try not to use the srk denijin cancel. its just asking to get parried especially if you have a meter. Its good but its to well known and easily parryable. Your opps will see it. go for the weird setups IE jab resest, fireball, 2-3 hit denijin cancel., lk tatsu denijin (the tatsu only hits if the opp is standing). If your lucky and theyre ducking youll fly over their head. Thats when you pop them with an srk denijin cancel. You wont fly over them if your not close enough but it does happen on occasion. The throw denijin works good too.

On a successful combo attempt, if you have full bar and burned some on EX Joudan, you can build the rest back by doing a FP reset into LK Tatsumaki, then immediately on landing FP Shoryuken xx SA3. People don’t normally expect the FP Shoryuken, and even on block you can get some good amount of stun off.

As good as that setup looks, you don’t get enough meter back for the denjin if the SRK gets blocked. Or if they take a random parry (either high or low), you’re dead. The risk is just way too high since they have to either attack or throw when you land. If they do anything else it’s in their favour which makes this setup pretty useless if you’re trying to win.

Even if they parry Denjin they’re going to eat damage anyways while they’re busy tapping forward and you’re not. Maybe not so on < 3 hit but there is still the chance of it.