The Developer's Thread [ techniques, help, new tools, sites, etc]

Thought it would be a good idea to do this since SRK has a few developers here. This is open to everyone who does some sort of development(programming to web), on any platform(PC to even pocket PC).

I’ll throw down links to Eclipse and a few resources I use.


I don’t do as much programming as I used to do. Now I mainly work with SQL on my databases and servers. I’m an MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, and working on a CCSP as security is where I’m working myself towards. I used to do a lot with, compared to the C++ I went to school using it was like night and day, never really got into C# though I wish I had.

I actually need someone to build a site for me for my parts business. If anyone is interested in doing it, drop me a PM.

Eclipse base. It should start off with Java and anything else you put in it.

  • I develop nowadays, so I’m pretty aiight with web development. Mostly, I’m Flash, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, SQL, and JSP. C# is wonderful with .NET because it’s not as sentence-looking than VB from what I find. Companies use ASP still, so it hasn’t died out yet.

…that went well.

anyone know of a decent debugger compatable with masm 6.1?

Open Source might rape all web tools thus far with Eclipse and this:

Seriously check it out. FTP, Instant Content Version features, xml, html, and alot of other features. Now, my Eclipse is powaaaa…

…that went well.

does anyone here write in Pearl at all? I know it’s not one of the top languages anymore, neither is RPG but it’s one of my favorites, but I’ve been hearing that it can be a nice tool alongside my SQL systems.

Plus as a fun trivia question, I use RPG all the time but nobody I know getting a C.I.S. degree now even knows what it is. So does anyone here know what system it’s used on and to the best of my knowledge the ONLY system it’s used on anymore? And if by some crazy blue moon chance somebody here knows RPG then we gotta chat.