The DFW Classic #2: SNK's Vengence- Fort Worth, TX- 10/20/07

Welcome Fighting game fans, Sanji Himura presents the second of many Classics.


Date: Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Venue: The Gaming Center Located at 5519 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, Tx 76132

Fees: There will be a $5 registration fee and a $2 commons fee that will be charged to participants and observers alike. Cash only will be accepted. The commons fee will be enforced regardless if you purchased computer time from The Gaming Center.

The Games: Each game will have a $5 entry fee. The prizes will split the entry fees 70/20/10 with the addition of bonus money to first place. Amount of that bonus money will be determined at the tournament.

This month’s games will be Street Fighter Alpha 3(on PS2) and KOF 2006(pad recommended).

The Rules

  1. Participants MUST register when they arrive, or else they will not be allowed to participate in any casuals that take place before the tournament. I will kick you out if this is not observed. Registration is open from 2pm to 3:45.

  2. Matches are best 2/3 games

    1. There will be other people in the venue that will not want to hear your sudden props. Respect them and they will respect you. If you are thrown out of the venue FOR ANY REASON, you forfeit your entry fees for any tournament left un-run at that point.

The Time Table

Noon- The Gaming Center opens; Practice begins.

2:00 PM- Registration Opens. Just come in through the door and register when you show up after this point.

3:45 PM- Registration and Practice Closes and the prize money will be calculated and announced.

4:00 PM- The first matches will be run. Prize Money will be distributed immediately when the tournament is finished.

The official time for the tournament will be maintained by the Tournament Director?s laptop?s clock.


Here’s how this will work. You reply on this thread that you wish to pre register for the tournament, and your entry and registration fees are $3. You pay at the tournament. It’s that painless. Pre-registration is open from October 1st to October 19th at 7PM, Dallas Time.

Cant KOF MIRA be part of it? After all it is the latest version…

Yep Maximum Impact Reg A…

Also OJ should we go with our formula for this? (3s, XI, GGSlash)

Hold on Sanji…it may not be completely in stone quite yet.


WOW…u got to be joking…:wtf:

horrid choice of games

love the avatar…

Second with Eddie on this one. 7 bucks up front for a 5 dollar tourney which will probably mean that if I get 3rd place in a tourney I still lose money? :smiley:

Wow seriously, “SNK’s Vengence” is a bad title for a tournament that only has one SNK game that no-one plays. Try MOTW, KOF 98, KOF XI, NG Battle Collesium. Heck, if you can only use American PS2s. Fatal Fury battle archives came out not long ago. FF Special is on that collection, and it has a recent release on Xbox Live, it would be perfect. Much more so than KOF 2006.

All those SNK games I am surely up for…:lovin:

No he wont be able to only use an American PS2.I will help him run this…

Also guys this aint in stone yet dont worry…I’ll hel him come up with our final plan…
Stay tuned…

I been hella busy and I am sure you al know how busy I can get…

So say tuned we will keep you with updates after me and Sanji discuss some things.

-Dark Geese

The Gaming Center charges a $2 commons fee. This is Gaming Center policy, not mine.

Also for those who are complaining about my choice of games, I don’t import. Now I know that DG will happily provide modded PS2s to help me out, and obviously that would mean I have a few more options as far as game selections go, however, that doesn’t mean that I’m one that won’t accept help, because I will.

Like DG said, this isn’t set in stone yet, and the games WILL change.

And as far as the title goes, my last two tournaments that I have planned and run only had Capcom titles.

why dont you just go ahead and let everyone know how you really feel about the mainstream games?


From the get go…let everyone know…so that we dont waste out time coming into this thead…

I won’t deny that I said that. I felt that way then, and I still do. If you are pissed that I won’t run 3s then don’t come, it’s your choice. I won’t run one game over and over again just to get more people to come. I won’t compromise my feelings just to get a few extra bucks distributed in the prize pool.

lol…you ran the most popular game in dfw(besides GG) 3s…and barely were able to get an 8 man bracket… thanx to DG.
Now, try it with Alpha or kof 06 or whatever and see how many you get…
C’mon, who are you kidding here? besides yourself… tsk tsk tsk…

I might be down for Alpha 3 but not kof 2006. And if I do go, I’ll show up hella late this time since everyone else did at the last tourney.

But yeah, the choice of games do need to change. As much as I like Alpha, very little play it and I rather play something like 3S since that’s the game most people play even though I dislike 3S.

Though, I do like you trying to be different and hosting other types of tournaments. Maybe try to, at least, run a “staple” game like 3S/MvC2.

Thats what me and OJ etc had in mind Aaron…keeping 3s in the staple.and rotating something with the other game…

and something along that line…after all…as I do with my own travelling tournies…I cater to the “region”

Ok, so, are the games changing or not? Just asking cuz, well, pre-reg starts on the 1st and how are people going to know what games to pre reg for if you keep saying the games will change

LMAO!!! Come on man be serious. Who, if anyone, is gonna show up for those games? Last tourney was a letdown so I don’t know if anyone would even show up this time.

If you have third strike and a good KoF, Team Waco and I would consider showing up. Thats 4 or more people right there.

What are you trying to prove, that throwing some random tourney with no name games are gonna magically cause the scene to shift to other games? You seriously lost alot of creditability with the last tourney. Have you even played with these guys besides going to 1 or 2 tourneys with out even introducing yourself? Who cares about feelings, you should care about the scene if you want to be part of it.

No, what I am trying to say is that there are other Capcom games out there, and with the entire scene playing 3s all the time is not only healthy, but actually detremental to the state of fighting games in general here.

Poor turnout is poor turnout. Yeah, I probably won’t get much of a turnout by not running 3s, but who cares. Come to play, or don’t. You may think that I’m harsh or even brash for that matter, but there is a reason why I’m calling this the DFW Classic, and running 3s all the time is not it, nor is it my goal.

One last thing, the new games will be Marvel and KOF: MIRA and pre reg is now open.

So then Sanji you are saying no 3s at all in the mix? What you gotta understand is that DFW is…DFW…

That’s really what it amounts to.

You just don’t get it. Why throw a tourney that you know won’t have a good turnout or if anybody would even go to? Games that nobody even competes in. Whos gonna shell out cash for obscure games. Seriously man even if you put 3S in, I wouldn’t even go, or anyone that I know of. Good luck on your tourney…

And is srk the only forum your advertising on?