The Dhalsim vids



They’re here… they new, as well as the old.

Here’s the first vid…

And here’s the new vid…

Everyone, enjoy!
(and thanks to Zach for hosting them)



Downloaded it - just finished watching it.
Very nice :slight_smile:


Good shit! Practice against Kuan everyday until your dhalsim owns team scrub. And then teach me how to play sim :slight_smile:


Whats the name of the second song on the second vid.


VERY nice vids.


was I seeing things? or were you able to call assist during an air combo?


those vids make me want to become a sim player, no lie.


Curtis can correct me if I’m wrong, but a canceled dive puts you in normal jump mode (or is it a special super jump mode?) wherein you can call an assist. Both Doom and Dhalsim can do this.


Dhalsim is ver “flexable” during a match! hahaha…um.
i mean, he can setup other hyper combos so well (that yoga noogie to lk, lk Sim’s HC into sentinels HSF is raw…)! i used him in the arcade plenty of times and i never amagined playing like that. well, im using dhalsim again…:stuck_out_tongue:


you are fucking ill.


I haven’t checked this thread in ages…

I’ve decided to make my 3rd and 4th vids… (5th???)

Gief AAA assist vid, and Dhalsim #3 (technically, I made a link vid with lee from T4, but it never got hosted anywhere, so maybe like 20 ppl saw it =/)

Oh, and on the assist thing, Preppy is right… and yes, it is normal jump (limited number of actions).



On the dashdown combo into LK Yoga thrust…what is the last normal before you hit the ground an do the thrust? MK or HK? That combo works outside the corner? Do you need to hold back in order to get the shorter version of the attack?

launch, hp XX airdash df, lp, d+lk, (MK or HK???), land, LK Yoga Thrust XX Yoga Inferno

Thanks. :o Again, very nice combos.


launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,mp, /, lk thrust…

or, easier b&b…

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /,,xx,lk thrust…
(this also let’s you do things like…)
launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, lk, \ /, projectile,xx,lk thrust, (Storm hits), dash, d/f+hp, / …

yay for comboooooos.



So whats the second song in the second vid?


I was way off. :smiley: Thanks.


Could you list the songs you used in your videos?


The song in the second video is called Dj_sakin_and_friends)-miami___vinyl_bmi.mp3…Um, I don’t know the one he used for the first video.


Man, I cant see the vids, could you put them up again? IM gettting the 404 error dealy.

Im gonna start playing Dhalsim and I need some tips.


Go to

They’re on there.

The song on the first vid is by Bt, for some random reason I’m blanking on the name right now (as it’s one of my favorite songs)



im getting an error on that too.