The DHC Trick and Doom

I will be posting all the available ways to DHC into Doom. Along with videos(if provided) and acknowledgements to whomever posts it. Thought it was be easier this way to have the information instead of spread along all the other threads. the starter list was taken directly from Trag’s thread on the DHC trick. Bold are the able starters. If you find I was wrong with any of these please post with a video or explanation and I will update.

:: Starters - Direct Hyper Combos ::

Yes - Deadpool: Cuttin’ Time (QCB+PP) (cancel before final hit) Cancel at the second hit, close enough to st.H OTG. The hitstun is only partially reset. Only works on small characters.
Diet -

Yes-Spencer: Bionic Maneuvers (QCF+PP) (cancel any hit) Timing and spacing specific.
**Diet - **
**jaylab - **

Yes - Storm: Elemental Rage (DP+PP) (cancel before final hit) You have to use the :m: + :s: or :h: + :s: for the distance to be good enough. Cancelling before she finishes with saying Gaia, the opponents character will be at proper distance away from doom for the SF to whiff.

**Diet - **

**Yes - X-23: Weapon X Prime (DP+PP) (cancel second to last or final hit) - Spacing Specific Not close to the wall. *cancel at the moment she finishes the “/” part( the 13th hit o f the hyper) and you will be at good distance for the SF to whiff. ***
**Diet - **

**Yes-Thor: Mighty Punish (HCB+PP) **
kensanity -Was able to have sphere flame whiff if I do it immediately when the opponent hits the floor
**Diet - **

**Yes - M.O.D.O.K: Killer Ilumination (DP+PP) - **
Earthbound360as Modok stops electrocuting the opponent during Killer Illumination (hit 30) use Sphere Flame. The spacing should be just far enough for the ball to miss

No - She-Hulk: Taking Out The Trash (DP+PP) - too close

Yes - Jill: Raven Spike (DP+PP) - After the final hit, the opponent flies off and then hits the ground. If you DHC before they hit the ground (timing isn’t hard at all) the sphere flame will whiff and the glitch is set.

:: Starters - Follow with Hyper Combo then DHC After ::

- Attacks -

Yes-Magneto: Hyper Grav (QCB+P)
Alioune -

No - Haggar: Hoodlum Launcher (DP+P) - hit throw - too close

Yes - Dante: Hysteric (QCF+H~QCF+H) - hit throw - Doing a quick backdash gives you correct spacing for the SF to whiff.

Yes - Tron Bonne: Beacon Bomb (QCF+P ) Normal BNB to beacon bomb Dash backwards creates the necessary spacing for SF to whiff.

**Diet - **
**branespload - **

- Throws / Counters -

Yes - Amaterasu: throw (air is easiest) normal jump height air grab to the okami shuffle hyper, cancelling before any hits occur into the sphere flame, allows the opposing character to hit the ground before the Sphere flame hits on the way down. Also works in the corner with a high airgrab DHCing to Photon Array. If an upward aerial exchange is done and then ammy does the airgrab reset, you can do either PA or SF.
**Diet - **
Diet - 3:30 in this vid
kensanity -

Yes - Amaterasu: counter (Solar Flare) Works off of either counter. Counter, then use okami shuffle and dhc to Sphere Flame. normal jump> ADDF st.m to OTG.

Yes-Sentinel: Human Catapult (DP+P) If Spaced correctly. If you are in the corner, using the heavy command grab, you can quickly dash back use his QCF+PP hyper, and quickly DHC to Doom’s SF. You will hit the opponent about twice if you DHC fast enough, but the spin state will still occur, and you will get the full damage reset.
**Diet - **
No - Thor: Front / Back Throw - too close

No - Thor: Mighty Hurricane (HCB+P) - too close

Yes-Wesker: Mustang Kick (HCB+L or M) Not close to Corner

**Diet- **


here’s a video of the thor one as well. better quality but shittier combo on my end rofl.
Man i hope people figure out more applications for this because I really like doom but i’m finding hulk/thor/wesker/storm/amaterasu in some combination giving me better results

NINJA EDIT: HOLY SHIT YOU GOT IT TO WORK WITH STORM? so i just back dash after the knockdown and use the version that goes full screen? wow, i always thought that no matter where the ulti is done it puts u right next to your opponent. ( i usually dhc from storm to wesker) holy FUCK i’m doing this shit tonight. storm/doom/wesker whoo!

Yes, you can use either the H or M version of the hyper. I believe its as long as you can’t seem them encased in the ice while she’s swirling around you should be at a good enough spot for it to work.

Dammit, I just made this video to share and discovered you beat me to the punch.

Here’s Tron’s BNB into Doom DHC glitch:

Update: Amaterasu CAN start the DHC trick for Doom. normal jump height air grab to the okami shuffle hyper, cancelling before any hits occur into the sphere flame, allows the opposing character to hit the ground before the Sphere flame hits on the way down.

X-23 can also start it! Cancelling when she starts to do the “X” part in the hyper, cancel at the moment she finishes the “/” part( the 13th hit o f the hyper) and you will be at good distance for the SF to whiff. Although this doesn’t work very well since she carries to the corner well with her MFC combos, and this will not work in the corner :confused:

Are u sure damage is reset after the okami shuffle? I had tried a similar reset when using amaterasu and hulk but people were telling me even tho throw into loamier shuffle produces a spinning state, that damage isn’t reset normally. But that is what people are saying I am not sure if it accurate

Also I can’t recreate the storm to doom dhc either sphere flame hits or I am too far to connect with H otg. Not sure why, could maybe nit he viable on smalller character? I was trying on iron man

You know… I didnt actually test out if the damage was reset or not, I was just trying really hard to combo after it.

For Storm if you miss the St.H OTG, you may need to do a nj. ADDF st.m OTG instead.

Has anyone had the DHC trick hypergrav to whiffed sphere flame work when facing the left? It works easily when facing the right side but for some reason sphere flame always hits facing left. It seems to have a bigger hitbox or something retarded if Doom is facing left.

The thor to doom dhc glitch vid shows it too, he does it first facing left and it hits, switches sides and faces right and it works.

I use dante storm doom, and everytime I do any combo with storm that does around 400K and ends with the Glitched super (given dante is dead), I can DHC to sphere flame (let it hit, not whiff), X Factor (out of sphere flame) and its always a 100%, no need to use another super
If you do this to your opponent’s second character, and he doesnt guess right while his third character is coming out, Doom can easily kill him with one combo with X Factor level 2

any character can kill anyone with lvl 2 xfactor.

for sure x factor sphere flame does incredible damage, ucan easily get full cast killing combos with sphere flame x factor sphere flame.

But what Diet is trying to show in this thread are options to use DHC glitch into doom, and save from using x factor.

Diet have you tried back throw xx sphere flame and then dhc into wesker? i’m gonna try this tonight, doesn’t seem that helpful though as the only damage being reset is that off of the back throw.

As far as I can tell Doom has no ways of starting the glitch :confused:

From the general Doom thread. I thought this thread was made as a response to this post since it was made shortly after these two posts were made by Jake, but I guess it was just a separate venture.

I remember reading about that but wasn’t exactly sure on how it worked. Since it seems to, I’ll link it in the original post with permission, of course.

Sorry, but I can’t provide any insight on it despite having Doom and Dante on my team. I don’t like DHC glitch, so I try to keep away from using it. My general play strategy with my team doesn’t usually involve Doom having Dante behind him anyway.

Additionally, it seems like it might not work outside of the corner and Doom doesn’t really need DHC trick to be lethal in a corner combo.

If you do a combo that carries to the corner or land a forward throw in the corner, this could be a useful tactic.

Was thinking about making a Doom/Wesker/??? team, I’ll check this out some time soon.

It works anywhere, the only thing you have to do is make sure they fall far enough and they get glitched. You do need an otg follow up however and I haven’t tested if you can do something slower like taskmaster counter super to jump down arrow otg + assist in time for it to work, but I can do any standard Dante glitch follow up if Doom gets the positioning down properly.

It’s pretty easy to position average weight characters like Magneto and Wesker, heavier characters like Sentinel and Wolverine you are going to want to get them higher in the air by doing something like relaunching with hard kick instead of S. Light weights like Zero are probably the hardest to glitch since they take so long to hit the ground that they air recover unless you do things like make sure your relaunch is very low to the ground and let them fall as far as possible before doing APA and whatnot.

It’s not nearly as easy as most every other glitch starter, but Doom getting a glitch off of a back throw and getting over 1 million damage off of the back throw is pretty good. With enough repetitions it’s possible to land consistently.

Oh and the second post Liquid quoted has nothing to do with the DHC glitch at all.

I messed with it and got it to work easily with wesker and spencer as well. Spencer you have to whiff bionic manuvers not bionic arm. In other random news this glitch also works by dhcing from taskmaster down angle arrows in the air (not the straight down ones)

L+H Legion Arrows can start this variation of the DHC glitch?

This is extremely interesting. I have to experiment with this. So what I’m taking away from this is that you have to have air PHoton Array hit so that the opponent falls to the ground and goes OTG JUST as their hitstun would have ended, then follow up with a DHC whiff + OTG?

I wonder why this ocurrs. I understand the properties of cinematic hypers causing this glitch, but Photon Array certainly is not.

In other news, Doom can have the DHC trick set up for him with a certain hypers by whiffing his level 3. It’s probably pointless due to the meter cost, but it works.