The difference between left and right corner?


So I did what I could to figure out the answer to this question on my own. I did a forum search, Google, and even went into training mode myself. I feel like there might be some kind of terminology I’m missing when it comes to the search since left and right are common words. So I my best before starting a new thread.

My question is; What is the difference between the Left and Right corner in SF4?

I hear people talk about it on stream frequently. Always something about; “Well you know that set up only works in the left corner” kinda thing. But why? What is unique that each corner has that makes the situation different?

Thanks ahead of time. Appreciate anyone’s time.


It’s really character, scenario dependant. For example Rufus can cross you up in the left corner but not the right. I don’t think it’s a universal property, just some weird hit box issues. Eternal on the front page Ultra thread would be the man to ask, he’s really good at explaining that stuff. Stick your question in there.