The Difference Between MadCatz TE and the arcade


I currently have a HORI EX2 arcade stick, and I’ve been considering switching to a madcatz TE. But the price and the fact that I already have a decent arcade stick has sort of been discouraging me from buying one. But I went to the arcade recently and played SF4, and despite the hours of practice I’ve put into my arcade stick, my execution was shoddy. I was always overshooting my QCFs and doing other basic mistakes. (And I made sure that I was on a square gate stick like I use at home.)

So, is a MadCatz TE fight stick about as close as you can get to the arcade experience or does it require extensive modding to be able to get that same feel?


It’s the exact same parts from the arcade.


No difference.


that stick is awesome. Re-release looks like 4-29… gotta try and get one


Ho damn. Now THAT is a arcade-style fight stick. But at nearly 300 dollars I think I’ll have to “settle” with the MadCatz TE. But thanks for the info guys.


Sorry to further bug people about the TE stick, but I’m strongly considering one at $100 and would just like to get some more feedback.

From what it sounds like, the stick is very durable (esp compared to lesser offerings). Should it last basically forever with moderate play? I’m a casual to frequent fighter player, depending on a lot of things, but if SSF4 ends up coming out on PC for example, I’d dive back in and get tons of use out of it. Otherwise it’d be more random to low usage on shoot-em-ups or emus or other 2d games (Also I’d get the 360 stick and only use it PC/at friends’ since I don’t currently own any current-gen console). Right now I’m using an old Saturn Virtua Stick (the US model) along with a converter, which seems to be somewhat derided by stick fanatics but it works pretty well for most purposes. And with this, I’d be able to have two very usable sticks for multiplayer.

What kind of costs would be involved to allow it to work on different or future systems, and how difficult would it be? Based on my current knowledge of controllers, it doesn’t seem too difficult to convert things to play on any consoles (except for the 360, which would be covered lol). But are there any typical price ranges on that?

From everything I’m reading, it sounds great and (surprisingly) actually a good deal at $100, which would seem super-pricey to most people. But I’d certainly want it to last, basically lifetime preferable.


It’s a great stick now that they’ve been producing it for long enough to iron out most of the kinks. I get more use out of it playing on MAME using my laptop than I did playing Xbox. (Then again, I’ve logged a few hundred hours into SF4.)

I had an EX2, then I got a TE. Now one of my friends is watching my EX2 for me. By watching, I mean I gave it to him, because I can never go back to that.


I bought my stick when it dropped to 100 and I have got to say its worth it. with full size buttons right there in your face its ALOT easier to execute moves. I say go for It.


I use a stock TE round 2 at my friends house all the time. I consider it the best commercial xbox 360 stick. Lots of room for your wrists and has all the top quality parts.