The difference between MLG and the FGC

Stay mad FGC Gorillas. Maybe if you guys cry hard enough, we’ll toss you some bananas.

We’re gonna be seeing these kinds of things for a while now,
all because of a few vocal asshats.
Thought the fact that humanity is full of stupid was a universal thing?

Few? Most of your community is trash, deal with it. Ignorant, ghetto trash. I should prolly leave this thread before Mike Watson comes in here threatening to beat the shit out of me at the arcade:rofl:

Pay him no mind crimson. Just play the games you like and forget about what others think of us (If anyones opionion even changed at all) I am sure this was a troll already registered with SRK anyway.

Wuts good grandbx/stuart hayden.

sigh, is it any wonder why the community is so split. Its ass hats like you really. MLG is fucking gay for a variety of reasons, but who cares. The community started the FG scence, and it kept it alive when everybody else played other shit. The community kept this scene alive, and it will continue to do so. The community will also be the one to make the scene bigger.

Yes, just ignore the fact your shitty community got exposed for the entire internet to see, as the joke fulll of ghetto scum that it is. Keep it REAL B!

" MLG is fucking gay"
“fucking gay”

Oh boy, typical FGC member using gay as a slur, what a surprise.

This threads gunna fuckin own hope no mods close it

Oh hey, it’s like I’m on 4chan. Same shitty troll images and everything.

He’s been here trolling with the same schtick since UltraDavid’s article.

Surprised he wasn’t banned because his last topic linked to some cartoon dicks.

the last thread didn’t just get locked, it got annihilated… and yet he didn’t get banned, I really don’t understand SRK moderation sometimes.

But this thread is like reality TV. Whats the fun if you know it ain’t real.

Yeah, too bad you can’t ban the entire internet for criticizing you scumbags.

Oh boy…This schtick again.

What are you gonna do, try to grope me through the screen? Smell me REAL CLOSE?

No but I can look upJim Sterling being a hypocrite

And then wonder why SC2 community is so much better than us according to Jared

a friend of mine was gonna start another real thread on the subject, since the FP is aleways a stupid wasteland. Seems like a lot of people are waiting for that ><