The difference between Online and Arcade

Honestly, how many of you guys find that playing in Arcade is VERY much different to having a go at the comfort of your home.

It seems like the level of performance at home (online) pales when i step into the Arcade centre.

Besides the timing (due to lag) and screen (seemed to be all bigger and wider screen at arcade) difference, what other things affect how you play ?
For me, the atmosphere (more noisy) and pressure level seems higher when sitting beside someone physically and fighting then.

I am far more anxious at an arcade which helps my game. Anxiety is a wonderful emotion to channel in these circumstances. The lag also does not help my game at all, considering my mains are all charge characters; I find that lag ruins it for charge characters the most.

There’re no arcades here that have SF4, but we do have meetups and friendlies every few weeks.

All our games step up, cause we’re into the moment. I vastly prefer anything that gives you a live setting, really.

The big difference is that people can be jerky online without having to be accountable for their actions. The threat of physical violence has a positive effect on a persons behavior, it seems.

Are there newer arcade machines that have the console characters on them?

There are alot of new guys on SRK that use the excuse that they have a real life for the reason why they don’t go to arcades. I actually had to argue with one in the fuerte forums because he refused to stop making threads on who wants to play together online or why BP mattered so much.


Who the hell spends their time at an arcade for 5-6 hours :confused:

I try to understand why some players buy games… I buy them to have fun which in my ideology is the competition aspect of it which I love. Yet once your better then the average guy your a loser with no life. :sweat:

i like the arcades better than online PS3 play for a few reasons

  • my mates dont have sticks, using anything other than an arcade stick for a fighting game feels wrong imo

  • no lag, ever

  • no ragequitting

  • you usually have people watching, gotta put on a show right :D?

There are no arcades anywhere near me that have SF4, so lag is just something I have to live with when it comes to Street Fighter 4.

Nerves suddenly become a big factor when you play in an arcade. Playing infront of other people is so different to playing at home.

I definately prefer it though, people are a lot more diplomatic when they are not hiding behind the safety of the playstation network. Most importantly no lag.

I love playing at the Arcades, always have.

  1. First of all obviously the lag/connection issue does not exist there.

  2. Seems like people are more polite and respectful when I’m playing there, shaking hands after a good game, a look of respect or atleast a thumbs up. You don’t really get that online because 85% of the people online are supposedly thugs who will kick your ass for winning, unless of course you come face to face with them. Which is why those kinds of people don’t play arcades, tough only in the safety of their home.

  3. Crowd. As much as I get nervous playing around a crowd, I still play really really hard because I hate making myself look bad so I’m always trying my best. At home online, I just sit there and sometimes I play for the sake of playing and nothing else.

If you lose, you’re a douchebag scrub, if you win, you’re a nerd with no life.

Better than the guy with a small penis sending out the hatemail, I find.

haha i agree with this

Interesting fact, the console version also has an offline mode! That means you can meet with and play against people offline just as you would within the arcades. Woah!


arcades don’t breed keyboard warriors.

I remember when I used to play in the arcade my hands would be sweaty as hell so when it was my buddies turn to play he’d have to wipe down the stick with his shirt sometimes lol. (we were like 12 or 13 years old.

Arcade is the only way to play fighting games…at least that’s what pretty much every pro level player will tell you.
IMHO playing fighting games across the net goes against every thing fighting games are all about, precision and facing a real person in real life and leaving it all up to pure skill.

Watch some of Darksydephil’s videos. You will hear all the time about how online screws his game up. However, some of these allegations are probably false.


This would be my post. The social aspect/experience/fun is just so much better.

Online competition does pale in comparison to the arcade. I’d like to think that I have a winning percentage for my online games, but when I hit the arcade it’s totally the other way around.

A hell of a good percentage of players online play aggressively so I’ve learned to counter many things as well as some good mix ups, but some players here play incredibly defensively and I just get my ass handed to me all the time. It’s a good learning experience though, I’ve learned to become more patient.

edit: I forgot to mention that the Korean layouts fucking killed me when I first started playing the arcades…trying to do a FADC but I’m hitting nothing but cabinet.