The difference between Online and Arcade

I start developing bad habits online due to lag which translates very poorly face to face.

A lot of people run away online which forces me to cover ground by either repeatedly jumping forward or dashing a lot, both of which will eat a dp if done mindlessly. People don’t do that as much if not at all face to face, so when I do it, I get owned hard.

The arcade is definitely better except for three things.

  1. my tv at home is bigger
  2. it costs money to play at the arcade
  3. my gf doesn’t sit around in her underwear at the arcade

I miss the Arcade crowd. I haven’t been inside an arcade in years. Hell I used to play DDR, just due to the crowd. I was never ashamed of loving the arcade for all it was. It was more than just the games.

The sound of 30 machines all on attract mode screaming at you. Hearing someone pop quarters into an MVC2 Machine (Let’s get crazy!) or the DDR machine beat. Seeing people talk and drinking sugar water all day from the pizza place next door (or the pizza place you’re playing in!).

It’s alive. Online feels dead in comparison.

Good fucking times weren’t they?

err…if your GF is is sitting around in her underwear and you’re paying a video game you’ve got some problems…lol.

Darksydephil is becoming a house hold name, he should start streaming.

I don’t think the Japanese have a problem with online cuz their online is far a head ours.

Not a very good household name due to his massive amount of bitching.


“That wasn’t the move I was suppose to do”

Well I don’t play in arcades becuase I’m english and they are practically non-existant over here, but I have noticed that some basic stuff offline just won’t happen when I attempt it online in a laggy connection.

All our arcades, and any arcade machines in general seem to have just up and left in the city. I think there’s one arcade left in the state that might have SF4, and damned if i’m driving 4+ hours to play there with no one there probably.

We need a list of DSP quotes

“Oh, of course he’ll do that!”
“Wow I didn’t even do that!!”
“Wow this guys a scrub, he sucks, how did he get so many battlepoints.”
“I was holding block. Wow.”

Next time someone bitches at me, Imma just say “NO DSPS PLEASE!”

You are a disgusting person Lol Man what’s worse was that he had to wipe it down.

The difference is on arcades no one trash talks because they are in range for a swift roundhouse to the neck. The benefit of console is that if you lose you can blame it on the la lalala la la la lag. man that’s terrible.

I admit it I have problems.

If you think your GF sitting around in her underwear is something to get excited about, you’ve never had a GF.


Damn…you people make arcades sound like the shit. Everyone agrees.

Lag + home = online ass
Arcades + no lag = repect one another or get smacked

lol, yeah I read that thinking “ok, she is sitting around like that while he is playing games? Ok, that usually means something, haha.” ;o


Don’t have to keep plunking down money for something you own.

There is something to be said for curling up in the dark, and playing a good rpg. Fighters, however, should be played in the most social atmosphere possible.

Who is Darksydephil?

With all this talk of arcades it makes me want to go and check some out, I haven’t been to one for many years unfortunately. Australia doesn’t seem to have anywhere near as many arcades as there used to be years ago, but there is a place that’s not too far from where I work that seems to keep up to date with the newest machines.

I should go and check it out, I only hesitate because I think I would be in way over my head in terms of skill (that and I heard that the SFIV machine was $2 a credit, ouch), but if they have a VF5 machine there I’ll be especially interested in stopping by sometime.