The difference in a link and a combo?

Or are links a type of combo?

link means that the hitstun from one move was long enough for another move to come out after the first move completely recovered. Yes it means it’s a combo

a link is a normal move that goes into another normal move with precise timing liking cr. mk st. mp. Links can also be a normal move leading into a special move, such as a cr. mk into a hadouken. This gets confused with chains and cancels. A chain is when a move can cancel into another move by getting rid of the first moves recovery frames with another move. A good example would be cr. lp cr. lp cr. lp.

A combo is any combination of links chains and specials that end up being more then one hit.

hope that helps and i hope i said all that right.

Basically, yeah. Links are a type of combo.

More info:

Uh except crouching medium kick to fireball is a cancel… Don’t mess up the op lol

A combo is any two or more moves that all hit in quick succession without giving the defender a chance to block or do anything else in between. A cancel is when you cancel the some frames of one move into another move. Moves may be special, super, or normal cancelable (target combos). As someone else mentioned, a link is when your normal hits and you follow up with another attack after your recovery frames but before the defender has left hit stun. The major difference is that cancels can be mashed, while links have to be timed. Links are used (to the best of my knowledge) to hit confirm your combo before you finish with a special move that is unsafe if wiffed or blocked.

You can still link into specials, but yeah that’s a cancel.

also combos can be composed of both cancels and links

example is with rufus’ bread and butter combo is, s.hp xx HP tornado where you link the standing light kick into the standing hard punch but you cancel the hard punch into tornado. so it’s all one combo but is composed of both types.

also if you don’t know, a comma in combo notation is a link and “xx” is a cancel.

You may also encounter ‘>’ in a combo listing. That denotes a link as well.

There’s a great video from back in 3rd strike that explains the difference very clearly. The same principles apply in all sf games:

Definitely worth a watch.

“linking” just describes how two moves combo from one to the other.
same with “canceling”, “Super canceling”.

That actual definition of linking two moves together was posted in the first response of this post though.