The differences between the different ports of SF3


I’m not sure if this is answered anywhere. If so, sorry, and a point to the right direction would be appreciated.

I was wondering of there is a difference between the various ports of Third Strike. I seem to recall a thread where somebody said the PS2 version was a tad faster than the arcade, and the XBox version was a tad faster than the PS2 version.

Is this true? How does the Dreamcast version match up? Any other differences between the ports?

Differences between 3s AE Xbox/PS2 and DC version

I’ve heard: PS2 is faster…PS2 actually runs the game at the correct speed - arcade seems slower due to monitor lag… XBox is faster than PS2… Dreamcast has input lag/frame rate inconsistency…Dreamcast only has input lag with converters…L and R buttons on the dreamcast’s official controller is analog which causes input lag…unblockables dont work on dreamcast…unblockables have different timing/flexibility on ps2/xbox… Dreamcast looks the best of the ports when run on non-interlaced mode…Japanese H2H Arcade> American arcade w/ switch sticks> p2p emulator~> Tiger Electronic SF>jerking off> lighting yourself on fire> not playing 3s at all> American arcade with p360s that have tight springs> p2p emulator~> ps2> xbox> dreamcast> p2p emulator~

What I do know about PS2 is: Ryu’s bag does not get knocked over during the round; Urien’s Aegis reflectors are only purple (instead player 2’s being blue); Aegis materializes faster (cannot avoid it in some situations early after activation as in arcade); Yang’s EX slashes/Q’s SA1 do not cause slowdown; Akuma’s torward + mp is throwable; versus screen cannot be skipped as in arcade; various glitches removed like necro/dudley, makoto/ken, etc.; K.O. voice/sound at the end of rounds isn’t as loud as arcade; announcer’s voice at character select screen is higher pitched with original sound option on; health bars seem longer or damage setting (not sure which) seems less than arcade; game feels faster/less lenient when it comes to timing; throws seem to have faster startup and recovery (possibly a misconception due to ps2 running the game faster); input seems to lag/not register with the same consistency as arcade (somewhat often buttons are hit but get a delayed response); reversal indicator is not always accurate - not only does the reversal indicator say a move was done at the soonest possible moment, when in fact it could be done earlier, some moves that supposedly can be reversaled 100% in arcade do not always work, graphics are interlaced so they appear blurrier than arcade

FGs: Best and Worst years

i feel really dirty now playing you on console

i set up meaty uppercut with makoto, had ken try to do reversal shippu, pressed all three kicks at the same time. reversal popped on the screen, but no super flash, and no meter taken for possible ex hurricane either. it just said “reversal” and ken got fucked up.

i think there was also an extra frame or two of hitstun if you hit someone during prejump frames, of course the game never told you and you’d never be able to tell otherwise. or i went crazy.

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"arcade seems slower due to monitor lag"


Seriously, fuck CTF. Worst 3s set up ever.


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We’re not getting it, not in a million years. Henry doesn’t give a fuck.


Vizard is the one whos pushing for it and said he’ll put in the work for it

Henry already gave him the ok to do it IIRC


Until I see Japanese parts on the 3s cab and I’m going full retard happy on them, I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up.


My current theory about PS2 is this. It has a combination of both a speed increase and marginal input lag. Those two forces act in opposite directions to trick the player into thinking it’s the same speed as the arcade (ie. move comes out later due to input lag, but speed increase makes the overall time the same from button press to move ending). It would also explain why hit-confirms are more difficult, and chains with small windows (like low short short with twins) are less consistent. Could be wrong but it seems reasonable to me.

What are some examples of Aegis solidifying faster on console? I haven’t really noticed, possibly because I never play against human players on console. Maybe that’s why I haven’t experienced any of the reversal stuff you guys are talking about either. Disappointing if actual rules of the game are being broken on console.


Sounds like reg tatsu came out… if he was mashing super ex would be very unlikely due to the strumming of the buttons

Specific examples please:wonder:

Also are you accounting for moves that are safe when meaty, but not safe when not
IIRC Elena’s cr strong is safe if meaty from reversal sa3 (can’t test at moment can’t find my copy of the game…:sad:)

As for the differences Ive noticed (of course imho)

looks and feels faster
Any combo I do by feel/muscle memory I have to consciously speed up
but a tad closer to arcade in comparison to xbox speed/feel wise

feels even faster then ps2 (but not by much)
main issue with this version is how fucked up the inputs feel and how fast you have to do kara’s (I have never missed so many kara throws in my life):wasted:


Maybe I’m misunderstanding but if he tried to reversal shippu, how could any hurricane be a result even by accident? Those moves are done in opposite directions.

Some notes:
-announcers voice is different because it’s just a separate voice sample placed onto the song in the arcade/original soundtrack, in arranged it’s a completely different song composed for the console version with the voice sample re-recorded into the track
-Sabre or somebody he knows did a synch test and found that PS2 and Xbox run at the same speed (I’ve never played the Xbox version)
-we forgot the weird grid pattern on the health bars when people take damage!


i controlled ken, i set the dummy to record the reset. gaijin, its an ambigious setup, so its possible he pumps it out the wrong direction. i accounted for reg hurricane by purposely pressing all 3 at the same time. i don’t have a ps2 anymore=/, but i’ll try to recreate it again one of these days



It’s ftw.


Someone was asking me about this the other day.

What about unblockables has changed from the arcade to home versions (primarily the ones where unblockables still work)?


if i remember, there’s an unblockable with ibuki where you throw the dagger whilst crossing up which only works at the arcades, not console


we go to japan for sbo and play on arcade- japan is better

japan comes here and plays on console with all these changes- japan is better

so who cares? the changes aren’t significant enough to change the top player standings.


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I hope I could get this answered in here. Did not want to create a new thread.

Does the XBOX version SF Anniversary Collectoin work on the 360. both offline and online? I have 3rd strike for the Ps2 but I got a TE stick for my 360 when SF4 came out. Never played 3rd strike on a stick.

And for the record, I do prefer 3S over SF4, unless they bring Dudley back.


why is cps3 emu so far down on the list???

isn’t it perfect?