The digital camera thread

sup srk,
do we have any experts on digital cameras? i’m looking to buy a new one, tired of my 2mp, mpg w/ no sound, battery raping, piece of shit. so
what’s the best brand?
can $200 get me a decent cam, convenient size?
and post what camera(s) you got, when you got it and how much

ive seen some fuji/kodak 5mp cameras go for about 200. but those are dirt cheap and made of cheap plastic. these are basic point and shoots tho. so youre just gonna get a bunch of mediocre pictures. anything with decent zoom, big preview screen, plenty of features and a small size to it will cost you at least 350.

i used to carry around a canon s200 2mp for about 4 years or so… back then it was about 250
i just got a canon 350D about last summer/fall. this one cost me an arm, almost 800.

i need a good camera is record match vids and girls asses?

what do you thinks the best guys?

there a huge difference between digital cameras and SLRs.

anyways, top brands are canon and panasonic.

get the canon SD600/630 or the panasonic FX01/07 or the FX50.


yea. those are good suggestions.
video tho… thats a different area. you dont want to be holding a still camera for match vids… those ahve really bad image stabilizers and really not meant to be recording things like that. might as well spring 300-500 for a mini dv camera. not a bad idea for match vids.

every match vid you see on youtube from me is from my panasonic digital camera.

imo rename this thread The Official Digital Photography thread

and i’m going to place my order for a A710 IS soon! someone convince me not to buy it!

bulky and uses AA instead of rechargable LiIon.

If you want good camera with IS, Panasonic FX01/FX50 or the Canon SD800IS

but the a710 has manual controls

hmm, then Canon S3, Panasonic F27 or the Panasonic LZ5

okay i like the s3 and i’ve been considering it too. it’s a little out of my price range. i can get the a710 for $250 from dell.

well, i guess its settled for you then. a710 it is.

Panasonic LZ5 user here, for images taken look at:

I love the thing, only bad thing for me is limited exposure control and a few other focus related automated things. (I like being able to control every setting there is, even if its not needed.)

I bought it at BestBuy for 150 on sale back on Feb 6th.

ost3g0: That first pic of your eyes is nutty. I can’t even see that in my own eyes looking in the mirror. you must also really like squirrels.

OK Megaman, recommend me a good camera around $300 with a really good movie mode (no file size limit or using a format that can record for longer periods). Stylish looks and compact design. This is for my cousin. Well actually, I’ll just look at what you posted earlier NM!

can any of those digital camera hook str8 up to a pc and tv and starting record for direct feed?

Mine hooks up straight up to PC but never tried direct feed. Ill try it and get back to you.

For $300 hoonyo, definitely no doubt, Panasonic FX50.

they got silver at 306, and black at 300. i have the black with a 2gb SD card. I got it Costco though.

fx07 vs fx50 vs sd800is

you’d pick the fx50 over all three? what’s difference between the 07 and 50?

that’s the one i was looking at getting when i get a new camera myself. image stabalizer, good optical zoom, not too big, but not too small either, only takes 2 AA batteries as opposed to the other versions in the same series using 4 (means the flash does take a little longer to recharge, but that’s minor stuff imo).

i bet you’d be very happy with this one. i’ve always known canon to make really good cameras (haven’t had any experience with panasonic)


key differences
FX50 - biggest/clearest LCD screen
FX50 - supports the new SD memory cards coming out (ie SDHC 4GB 8GB cards)
FX07/50 - faster shutter speed
FX07-50 - movie mode 848x480 (pretty damn high quality video)
FX50 - longest battery life

Canon has brand name and I love the sleek design of the Canon but the screen and picture quality sold me on the Panasonic