The Disc Golf thread

I made this thread because I was curious to see how many SRKers maybe play this sport. I just recently began playing myself (I introduced some friends to Street Fighter and in turn they got me to try disc golf. Now we’re addicted to both haha.)

For those who’ve never played, the game is a great excuse for you and your friends to get outdoors and get some easy exercise while shooting the shit. It’s essentially playing golf, but with discs :lol: It’s easier to pick up and play than regular golf in my opinion but offers lots to learn in the ways of different disc types and throwing techniques that will keep you hooked. It’s less expensive than golf too as the only equipment you need is your discs and yourself. Most courses seem to be in public parks and are free of charge to play.

For those of you that play now, what are your preferred methods for driving and what types of discs do you use? Right now I like to throw side armed or flick style. For driving I use The Flick by Discraft or the Viper by Innova. For mid range I use the Roc by Innova and for putting I use the Rhino also by Innova. I seem to do best with discs in the 170 to 175gr range.

I love this game/sport!

I plan on playing today at Burke Lake in Virginia. There are about 4 or 5 parks around a 30 mile radius here in Northern VA. They all range in skill from easy to pro and the courses can be extremely easy or punishes its players for throwing a poor shot.

Around here it is a hippie sport so most people playing have or had smoked MJ at one point of the lives.

I throw side arm and tomahawk depending on where I want to place the disc.

One of the best things about the sport is just how chill everyone is. I’ve yet to play in a tournament yet, but all of the random people I meet seem really cool and willing to help beginners out.

I also like how there seems to be tons of courses no matter where you live. We have 5 in our tri-state area alone. I’ll be trying a new course this weekend.