The disdain for people playing other games


I’m seeing these sort of comments a lot as of late, on these boards, stream chat, Eventhubs comments etc. The contempt for people playing other games seems to be reaching ridiculous levels, sure it’s always existed to some extent. The less people playing other games, the more playing yours, right? People are actually wishing/begging for games to die and people to stop playing them, it’s crazy. Doesn’t this speak volumes about the current state of the FGC and the saturation of the market?

I was watching the Revelations stream when and one of the commentators was expressing his interest in picking up a particular game. The other guy was clearly agitated and spent the next few minutes convincing him not to play that and play something else instead (TTT2 I think)!

I think at the moment everyone has a staple of games they’ve invested in and our happy with and any new game would require them dropping one of these games to play something new. This obviously results in a playerbase spread thinner and thinner across each game. Are we at a point where new games are greeted foremost with negativity and apprehension? I know claims of over-saturation amongst the FGC are usually looked upon with contempt but I don’t see how it could be anything but. Each new game is cannibalising another and only the ‘big few’ can withstand this.

Why are people so eager to declare a games 'death'?

I think that’s because of SFXT (sorry guys).

The game had stupid small shit blown into controversy time and time again, and now everyone (stream monsters), in their heart of hearts, is expecting a new game to have the same stupid drama as SFXT.


It could just be the same shit that has always been happening.(Been to Dustloop right after BB dropped? Holy fucking shit, man, the way they were acting, you would’ve thought someone WENT INTO ALL THEIR HOUSES, REPLACED THEIR COPIES OF GG WITH BB, AND THEN BURNED EVERY COPY OF GG ON THE PLANET.)

I personally think we are finally at a place where every game is broad enough for decent appeal and specific enough for niches.

2D:Listing (“big names” only, just to save time)SF, MVC3, P4a:They all fit a little niche.
3D: (The same shit as before)Tekken, VF, SC, they all fit a little niche.


I think it’s just the aggravation that there are soooo many games out right now and people keep hopping from game to game all the time. I’m sure a lot of us just want some people to sit the fuck down and stick to a game.


it’s been around forever. ST fans shit on 3s. ST and 3s fans shit on SF4. it’s a mountain and the shit rolls downhill.


So it seems like the only games we’re willing to accept right now are ‘replacement’ games, as in, new iterations of something which already exists and there’s no room for anything different. I.e TTT2 > T6, UMVC3 > MVC3 etc.


But, like, who is “we”?

I know Marvel people who play P4a, and SF people who play Fighting Is Magic.


When you’re a stream monster who doesn’t actually play, you need to have some form of struggle to participate in, to make things interesting for you. So like how soccer fans hate players and soccer fans of different teams, (something that many times ends up in violence) stream monsters hate on other games.


Maybe they just know that the anime game flavor of the month isn’t going to last longer than, well, a month, then it’ll turn into a niche game like the rest. It’s no reason to hate on the game though, if it isn’t shit like P4A.


Yomipower, dropping that knowledge.

Literally, his knowledge was all over the floor in that post.


Welcome to the world of stream monster 3


I still don’t understand why this is the case.

At the very least I have to question why a small island nation in the middle of the ocean is perfectly content playing games who have had sequels to them along with playing said sequels, but we can’t be assed out to do the same. Is it a cultural thing? I mean so what they still have arcades, I have the entire rest of the planet to play in these games, so why aren’t we doing the same?

I mean why don’t we still run tournaments for MvC2? Playing CvS2 isn’t hard to make happen.

I don’t get it :expressionless:


They tried last year at Season’s Beatings. Most refused or didn’t want to play.

That’s why.


I’ve been wondering the same and talked to a few people about it. Most people either don’t wanna put in the work to keep things going, don’t want to play what’s not “in” right now, or don’t wanna risk playing against people that have way more experience than them. Yeah it’s dumb.


Aren’t they called side tournies?

There was a vSav tourny at final round.

Southtown does CVS2.

If you mean why don’t they get main stage status? Sheeple make up the majority of people who do anything/everything,so when the new hotness comes out, they flock to it, leaving the people who loved the game alone.


Dude, this happens all the time.
Who freakin’ cares…
Someone tries to convince me to play some game I have no interest in or don’t like then I just tune 'em out.
“How come you’re not playing P4A Dan?! WTF man! That game is godlike”
“I don’t play those types of games. Not my thing.”
“Aw c’mon man! It’s like Marvel”
“I’m playing KOF right now. Stop hogging the seat and let someone else sit down to play. You got like 4 set ups of P4A over there, Go play”
“Aw man I don’t wanna wait in line”
"That just means people are interested in the game, wish I could say the same about this lonely KOF cab I’m playing on :bluu: "
“Whatever hater. You’re missing out. :arazz:”
“Yeah Uh Huh… Takuma Dizzy Combo :nunchuck:”


I have more disdain for the games than the people.

SFxT blows.

But if you like it, more power to you.

But it blows.


And that’s the way it should be. You can have an absolute HATE on for a game, but the people who do enjoy it shouldn’t be called out on it. At the most, ask why, and let it die.


That’s not why, that’s what.

One of the literal homes of amazing MvC2 action and no one wanted to play?


Lack of motivation, devotion, and patience.

Even when it’s the in thing it’s just an incentive to play and less of an actual devotion or motivation to get better.

I mean this has usually been the case but we’ve usually ALWAYS had a means for a side tournament in some form, you know?

So if SF5 came out at the end of the year SF4 should just call it quits? Is 3SOE that horrid of a port that it isn’t played at all at tournaments?


I read this bit like 10 times already and it still makes no sense at all.

People like their specific games and thus dislike anything that could take away whatever attention their game gets. Doesn’t just happen to small or new games. Just look at the people bitching at the big Capcom games. It’s all the same.
Some people just have the urge to tell others what they should and shouldn’t play.


Let this die, let that die. Like 99% of the people on this site play anything offline. And even if a given game dies there will always be people to play online so don’t worry online warriors.