The Disgaea thread


Post your team strategies, job questions, tips, hints and so on.

Right now, im on Chapter 3.
I got:
Lvl 13 Laharal
Lvl 11 Etna
Lvl 12 Warrror
Lvl 8 Monk
Lvl 5 Cleric
Lvl 5 Flonne
Lvl 9 Scout

I got little to no magical support, so Im thinking of throwing in a mage somewhere. Is there a difference between a Mage and a Skull?


Somebody tell me how to use geo panel system thing to rape shit.


Go here.

That’s where the Disgaea own’ness is happenin’


My best character is lv.22!

This is my best character thus far (ch.10?):
Laharl, lv.22
Hp:1023 Atk:975
Sp:453 Def:592
Spd:780 Res:578
Int:587 Transmigrated:2