The Disney comics thread

OK, so BOOM! Studios got the license to release comics based on Disney franchises, off the top of my head these titles are/were:
Incredibles (by Mark Waid)
Toy Story
Darkwing Duck
Duck Tales
Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

I may be forgetting some titles but those are the ones they published.
I once asked Sano about Disney comics recommendations and his response is informative:

Hope it helps those that are looking to find some Disney comics.
I’ll update in the future with some more Disney comics and such, but until then, feel free to discuss their titles.

Alas said crossover will be, apparently, the finale for the comic since the license expires and there’s not plan for a renewal =(

Awesome thanks for creating the thread!

There’s some updates with regards to Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comic strips that Boom and Fantagraphics have re-released in the last few months.

In the case of the Donald strip, there’s still no true collection as the strips are scattered. I suspect that this still has to do with the Native American issue, even though these trades come with huge apologetic disclaimers for things of this nature.

There have been three Don Rosa collections released by Boom. One for Uncle Scrooge and two for Donald Duck.

There’s manga based on Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories and KH2 that are available in English. These are enjoyable reads. I don’t think they ever finished releasing KH2 though.

There’s another manga based on the Disney Princesses, which came out a few years before the current Disney Princess phenomenom. It has a funny title so I’ll have to look into it.

If you can track down Greg Weisman’s Gargoyles comics they are excellent. They retcon the horrible third / Saturday morning season out of existence since Greg had nothing to with that season.

Links where you can buy most of the stuff I’m talking about in a few days. Currently very busy.

Disney Princesses manga? Why did I not see that one coming? lol.
Will read DW tomorrow along with the rest of my comics \m/

The first Fantagraphics book put out recently collecting Mickey Mouse comic strips by Floyd Gottfredson is called Race to Death Valley. The first book that collects Barks’ works from Fantagraphics is a few months away.

The back door that Boom has used to re-release Al Taliaferro strips is simply by re-releasing books that already contained many of his strips. There’s two books like that so far. Walt Disney’s Comics and stories archives Vol. 1 and Four Color Adventures Vol. 1.

On to Don Rosa’s books. Starting with his Life and Times books and more recent books of his Duck work.

This is the Uncle Scrooge Rosa book I mentioned, but I did forget that it had a Carl Barks story in it too.

From Carl Barks, these two books represent all of his stories that were turned into Duck Tales cartoon episodes.

Like I said there’s manga for Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories and 2 but I’ll just put a link for the first book and from there you shouldn’t have any troubles looking for the rest.

Yeah that’s the name of the Disney Princess manga, Kilala Princess. I only read the first volume so really can’t vouch for most of it. It’s cute seeing these characters in manga in something other than the Kingdom Hearts stuff I guess. Here’s the first volume, I think it goes up to five or so.

Here’s the books for Weisman’s Gargoyles. Excellent comics.

Last Duck Tales was really good. Way better than the previous issues. It was co-written by Brill so I think he’s teaching Warren Spector how to write Disney comics. :rofl: Anyway this Duck Tales / Darkwing Duck crossover is turning out great. Part 2 rolls out tomorrow in Darkwing.

The second volume of Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse comic strip collection, Trapped on Treasure Island hits comic book stores tomorrow. If you missed out on the first volume some stores will sell a combo pack that includes both volumes. That will also hit comic book stores tomorrow.

Oh yeah the new DT issue was great IMO, had some good laughs and it’s great to see [spoiler=]Fenton again, he’s the TRUE OG GIZMODUCK![/SPOILER]

LOL at this week’s Darkwing! All the Disney cameos still crack me up! Fenton’s mom made me laugh out loud on the train! :rofl:

Both Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck hit comic book stores next week and that will wrap up the crossover. :tup:

A bit of reflection on the end of the Darkwing Duck comic. In other news NOOOOOOOOO! :crybaby:

Nice finale
[spoiler=]Negaduck’s lucky Donald didn’t go all Lvl. 3 X-Factor on his feathery ass[/spoiler]

Yeah I liked the ending too. LOL at the Epic Mickey Wasteland nod. :rofl:

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The first volume of the Fantagraphics Carl Barks collection, Donald Duck Lost in the Andes hit comic book stores today. Some of the stories I’ve read before but most of them I’m reading for the first time. Having a blast!

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Old, slightly off topic but I saw this strip again today after not having seen it for years. I read this in the Village Voice newspaper more than 10 years ago. Original Winnie The Pooh vs. Disney’s Winnie The Pooh. Nothing against what Disney has done with the character but this still cracks me up! :rofl:

The Darkwing Duck comic book is coming back! LET’S GET DANGEROUS!!!

Monthly comics are back… From IDW? Um, okay lol!

Super hype about the Toontown covers!