The Disney+ Thread

Looks like there’s info after Disney’s meeting yesterday.

TLDR - $6.99 per month
Launches Nov 12, 2019 in the US

At that price, this is going to be an easily decision for a ton of families.


Impressive that it’s under $10 /month.

Either that price will go up to $10 after 6 months or they’re not going to have much new content initially.

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When I saw that pricing


I wonder if that’s just for basic package, and they’ll have tiered membership levels like Netflix.

Like, do they offer HD and UHD content? I’d do you have to pay a higher premium if so?

My understanding that it is 4K out the gate.

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I read the first comment.

“I mean sure there are adult nerds that will buy into the Star Wars/Marvel stuff but the real market for this is your 5 your old child…”



I mean, this is true. No real need for the “Child” filter. Disney has the content reputation where a parent has 0 worries on what on.

Inject it into my veins.


Disney did some really, and I mean really questionable things in the past.
On the OLD Disney films guess how many of the older animated films songs are ether really racist or straight up fucked up.

Not gonna lie, at that price point, Netflix really needs to worry. Honestly my wife and I watch more Hulu than Netflix at this point. Disney+ will do extremely well.

I heard Netflix got Verizon’s backing them up now.
I wonder how that going to play off.

The price and downloads sold it for me. The downloads will be help curb the problems I sometimes get when I stream.

Which is stuff that flies over kids’ heads constantly.

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Like the use of “Jack Ass” in Pinocchio or the very racist “Why is the Red man Red?” in Peter Pan?

You’re acting like Disney is the only one who did those types of racist stereotypes in their cartoons.

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My wife is already talking about dropping Netflix for this. Doesn’t realized the number of technical hurdles Disney needs to prove they’ve solved to make this shirt work at scale. Or how little even our kids care about 99% of the content line up.

People looking at that price point and letting their hype get ahead of them.

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I figure the classic subscription story will be start off small and slowly increase the price while claiming the addition of new content and features is the reason. If it is under $14 for the base package in five years that would be a shocker.


Yeah WB and MGM are guilty as well, WB owns up to it and admits it, keeps all the old stuff as it is to preserve history and to be educational. For MGM, MGM’s animation is owned by WB so its just like WB old stuff.

Disney tried to bury it and pretends it didn’t happen despite they knew back then it was wrong as hell and did it anyways. Look up “Song of the South”.

Sure, I’ll play this game: whats racist about Song of the South?