The Division: Urban Destiny Discussion

I went ahead and picked it up so me and my roomate can have a game to play, I am on ps4 and a lvl 6 noob at the moment. Discuss points here and how much Dark Zone sucks.

How do you like it? I’m still on the fence about getting it. Is the gun play fun? I know it’s not a FPS, but I heard the controls are a little clunky. The gameplay is probably the most important thing to me, which, for all of Destiny’s flaws, is the one thing they nailed more than anything and kept me coming back for a long while.

The game is ok. I like the beta so i sprang for the gold edition of game. Lvl 11 at the moment grinding out missions… im not going into the dark zone until i reach lvl 30.

I only started the game, the introduction mission and the 1st mission so far, i still need to download the rest of the game, so my experience with the game is limited, but, compared to Destiny, the gunplay feels a little clunky, also it plays more like a Take cover TPS.
The characters can’t really take too much damage so you would see less Rambo shit from your teammates, at least i hope so.
I pressume that the selling point is doing stuff with your firens like we used to do with Destiny.

LVL 13 atm, it’s okay. Dark Zone is a legit fucking ghost town. Why people are waiting to hit level cap till they go in kinda bugs me.

I will say I understand the story a helluva lot more than destiny. Kinda funny you can understand the story of the game & how insane some of these gangs are, but ubi couldn’t take the time to do tutorials for the easiest shit.

I legit just realized the water, energy bars, etc that you find are actually buffs you can use. Hate the fact the starting customize options on your character can’t be changed. Didn’t realize I’d be rocking face paint & sunglasses for the entirety of the game.

Hard mode on missions is funny because the a.i gets ballsy, pushing you back, flanking & just full speed running at you since they themselves know they’re fucking boolit sponges.

I just made one of those jimmy1200 long posts…ugh, I need a shower.

Yeah Dark Zone is just a big grief fest, it is like PvP WoW with even less of a give a fuck.

Seems they actually split the dark zone into level groups though. I assume you wouldn’t have 30s running around 10s if that’s in place.

The hitting level 30 coincides with getting good gear from vendors and unlocking stuff. Im not going anywhere the dz until i get to lvl 30. I want to go in there with great gear… the ads and people don’t play its like the fucking wild west judging from the beta… back stabbing assholes everywhere.

I remember when i was playing the beta got to a safe house and noticed there were 3 groups of rougues shooting the shit out of each other and…waiting for people to leave the safe house before robbing them. I saw one guy leave the safe house and got jacked. I was like nope im not fucking leaving this safe house.

They camped at both exits waiting for people. I could hear them and see at their shadows camping outside the window (while looking at the dead players names scrolling by the screen). I just left the controller and came back later… they were still there… i ended up logging out lol

I got it for ps4. Lvl 16 right now. Rocking an. Lmg and marksman rifle for my weapons. Rifle for straight damage and Lmg for suppressive fire if my teammates have better gear/lvl

some guy came upto me in the dark zone saying “hey dude how are you doing? wanna team up so we can-“DUHUGUHDUHGUHDUGUHDUGUH”…I’m such a bad guy aren’t I”

DZ sucks, and Ubi knows it. Why they trained reviewers to follow their commands during previews to give a better impression to the masses. But we all knew.

Second I get into the closed Beta and try DZ out, goes about as expected. Not really any penalty for doing so either, hell you are penalized for keeping to yourself and not murdering others.

Not sure if there isn’t shit all to do on there still like beta, level 14 just doing my thing in missions. Although going to do Hard versions of missions and having lvl 8 partners against lvl 14/15 AI is rather annoying.

Games wastes time though so there is that.

Yeah the majority of players avoid DZ, the issue is the best weapons are locked way in DZ making you have to do it to obtain the best gear.

How’s the game on PC? I want it but Uplay is garbage.

It is pretty bad on pc, clipping issues, loading issues, graphic issues, bad hit detection, lots of hackers.

I’ll give it a few months then.

Well already tired of MM on big missions. Past the first one its people 2-3 levels lower wanting to be carried. Finally got to a point where I can’t even do that.

Do the level 16 mission with the rogue agent and first introduction of LMB or whatever. Get saddled with two level 12 partners. Why the fuck are they even allowed to do that and waste time.

Got us all the way to the end before the game realized there was three of us and threw ten elites and a boss at us.

The Frustration is a more apt name.