The DJ-B13 Video thread


This thread is dedicated to the discussion and announcement of all of DJ-B13’s works, such as the famous MvC2 Tricks of the Trade series.

Be sure to watch(a.k.a. SUBSCRIBE) this thread for any and all news coming from this great vid maker</e-cock stroke>.:tup:


Chapter~31 MvC2 Video is up

The Chapter 31 for the MvC2 Tricks video is done and up. You can get it here through youshare and it will be up on soon shortly.

Hope you folks enjoy it and big credits go out to

Magnetro, shoultzula & Clockw***0***rk :lovin:

Chapter 35 is now up as well~!!!


d/l now…


hope you like it :lovin:


Man this looks soooooooooooooooooooo much cleaner then your other stuff.

Great job :3!


Thank you, thank you :lovin: glad you like it!


nice nice, i was just thinking about picking up strider/doom too…

I like the VP music in there too…


oh that’s even better to hear then. hehe that’s neat yo noticed the song there. :lovin:


cant say i was a fan of your cvs2 video but this vid was pretty good.


tip of the iceberg?


Dope vid. I have had many of these performed on me in real matches :frowning:


music was raw. good shit BOBO!


hey it’s out! very awesome, like I knew it would be. :lovin:


Dl now, wait for comment…

OMG, B-E-A-Utiful, So much good stuff i don’t know what to say. Drone mix ups, and walk to the other side on forced rolls are too nice.

There needs to be another video though showing mix ups WITH DOOM, but good stuff though, i think that alot of people are going to find this help cause sometimes people don’t know how to use drones with Strider…(me lol).

Can’t wait for a sec. part, Great stuff, lol Shoultzula’s tricks are nasty.




Dope shit as always DJ B-13 heavy props to you!

LOL Master Chibi SEXIEST avatar! :lovin:


I cant get the download to work:sad:



Same here, page cannot be displayed… Mirror?

Edit: Well I’ve got a download window open, but it’s not going anywhere soon… 71kb… :bluu:


That was awesome shit Brian!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

Quality was beautiful as I knew it would be!!:lovin: :wgrin:


How big is this file?