The DJ-B13 Video thread


cvs 2 brian. why do you keep making me a sad panda? :sad: :sad: :sad:


i have been really busy lately so I had to put that DVD on the side for now, once I release this up i’ll have that done soon. :woot:


hey djb could you pm me with the DVDs available and the prices?


new for this friday :woot:


hope you folks like this.


Looking forward to the CVS2 DVD! Expect an order from me as soon as it’s released!


DJ-B13: What’s up guy, just a couple ov questions:

-Once Volume 5 is said and done, what is the estimated price for the complete TotT DVD set…may consider purchase towards the end ov the year when I start making that bread again.

-If you haven’t completed the progress on Doom I’ve compiled some more stuff for him…interested?


complete for the whole thing would be $70.00

oh I actually could’nt fit doom in the series but i’ll work on a full doom video after th ough, taking a little break since it was non stop work on finishing up the DVD.


My dude it’s all good, I can wait…


after a few minor things, the dvd is up for sale now, my final work.

Also Magnetro, it works now, thank you so much :pleased:


What song did you use near the end of the magneto vid (57). It starts when the Sent-A assist begins.


i’ll go look after and see what it is.

New videos up, well it’s just a video that was exclusive to volume 3 :lovin:



Yo DJ thanks so much for the volume 5 DVD. Shiet is so crazy!

To all the peoples thinking about getting his DVD’s, DO IT! Very useful and practical strats. DJ does the stuff in his videos to us in actual gameplay!:looney:


Apreciate the kind words so much Zilla.

i’m glad you like the DVD as well :lovin::lovin:


damn that bitch can run, good stuff


The song im looking for is also on the desert stage for the marvel mix used at the ELAC tourney this year. Im looking to put it on a marvel mix of my own. :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s from Devil May Cry 1: S


Thanks dj, that was fucking awesome of you!


Hey whats the song that plays during the Mag solo,Doom-B and Sent-Y part of the Magneto Tricks of the trade Chapter 57?

Thanx. :slight_smile:

-EX :cool:


your niece demands cvs2 brian


Anybody have disc 5? I only have 1 2 3 4 and the cvs2 set. Eidrian was hoping for a cover scan.