The Do and Don'ts of Dudley

What are some of dudleys key strengths that should be done and used with any dudley and what are some of dudleys characteristics and traits that should be staid away from. What are the characters that seem to be dudleys best and worst matches? Just post what should be done with dudley and what shouldn’t be…

A couple of DO’s would def be his EX upper cut and his qcb k “providing that the one where he goes back and then comes in with the gut punch”

His low combo is a good one: light kick med punch hard punch

His heavy kick is good for anything, Jump in with a heavy punch or kick and then push forward heavy kick for his big overhead then follow it up with a med kick for a 2 hit.

EDIT: Also I play him REALLY aggressively like just don’t give them an inch, it works really well for me but I don’t know if thats good advice or not so wait and see if somone shoots me down first.

The infamous C. Roundhouse 3-5x can only be done on Chun-Li, Ibuki, Necro, Dudley, Elena, and Q. To finish it off i now do ducking uppercut xx into corkskrew blow. It works well victoly helped me out on this juggle. THanks again vic…!


don’t rely too much on getting in and hitting a juggle

use high-low mindgame shit

i find that s.rh xx fierce jet uppercut is better than ex mgb, at least when you’re nowhere near the corner. it does around the same damage of any ex mgb non corner juggle you could do, stuns more and doesn’t waste your meter. s.rh strong jet uppercut super is most damaging non corner combo i think

learn the f+rh cs blow link and use it

if you’re both in the air and you hit them with a fierce, do medium ducking into cs blow right when you land, most people don’t know to parry it

bait an anti-air parry with standing strong then cancel into medium ducking xx cs blow from other side

and know how to parry