The Doa4 effect

Was it a mistake to have doa4 at evo? simple answer is obviously yes, that spot could of probably have been given to a more deserving game. A more complex answer is still yes, but at least now the evo directors know doa is a waste of time. Evo has finally begun to be noticed, with the huge sponsor this year and capcom even taking an interest. Evo is only going to get bigger for now…

I’m sure everyone would prefer doa was out of the way now, instead of a year or two down the line, when evo is really immense and say they introduce a new doa game and it flops where the prize money is like $20000 or even more for 1st place (fingers crossed).

The doa community had a real opportunity to make themselves into a real fighting game community, not something the rest of us just laugh at, and pass off as something not worth playing. There was less than 70 players registered for doa on the evo2k site, and i can’t imagine many more signed up at the event. How many people play doa4 online regularly that would of been able to make it to the event? All the doa community did was prove their criticisers right.

There is also a knock on effect that doa4 has probably had which many people here may have overlooked. Doa4 was a new game not only being a new game on the newest console, but also an old series that was added to evo for the first time. This will probably make the directors cautious of adding any new games to the evo line up apart from the next Tekken and Guilty Gear games. Does this mean games like Kof and new snk games, and other fighting games from other companies are doomed never to appear officially at evo.

Will we still be playing ST, 3s, MvC2, CvS2 in 5 years time. Yes the games are all popular, even drawing in new players for now, but thats largely more to do with current players just picking up other the fighters. The fighting game community is shrinking all the time, i can’t help but think this is our last stand before we really truly die out. Can you imagine the advancements in 5 years. We will prob see the next gen consoles after the 360, ps3 and wii. And everyone will be those few extra years older. Its gonna get alot tougher attracting in new and casual gamers, aswell as keeping the current players.

I doubt many major new fighters will be released in the arcades apart from the usual suspects, most companies will probably opt for straight to console release, which could leave all manner of glitches, bugs and gamebreaking stuff. The community will be centered online just like doa4. And as proven already they obviously don’t want to compete offline for lots of prize money.

So what are we going do? Is it time to start adding snk games to line up. They seem to have huge following even if its not hardcare in the same sense as the capcom community. The Majority seem to prefer discussing who can dress up like Kyo and Iori the best, talk about who can get the highest score on 1 player and who has the biggest collection rather than discussing gameplay.

Maybe i am talking utter bull, i tend to do that sometimes, so someone please come in here, slap me and tell me everything is going to be ok.


Oh just drop it already. The game deserves to be there as much as anything else on the roster. No SNK game will ever the light of day at EVO, and that’s noone’s fault but the ‘community’.

As for the sparse showing at EVO, well shit give it some time. WCG came before this, and the community really is developing / starting to grow more. I mean I think of it as more of a blank slate to work with for the DoA community than a mere CHANCE to prove themselves. We know they’re around. The tournaments are popping up here and there, give it time.

That being said:



Im not a supporter of this game but i do have a positive point. Because of Complexity and JaxMoneyCrew (2 top esports organizations) Picked up Perfectlegend and doaMaster as sponsered players it has gotten the attention of (leading esports website) and many other teams. Now they (gotfrag) are trying to cover all the Fighting game majors and bring them out to the light of the rest of esports. Its a pretty big step seeing how master and legend are the first sponsered fighting game players America has seen in a while. So look for gotfrag at digitil life and NEC in the future.

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youve got the right idea:wgrin:

Nice, the only place to go is up!

This could have been the nail in the coffin for DOA 4, I see it more like DoA 4 finally getting a pair of legs to be able to walk around on.

DOA4 had quite a few people when i was at evo east…i mean i know it doesnt have as much people as streetfighter but it wasnt like if you showed up you won some money or something…i think doa4 should be there again next year when more people get xboxs and what not…i can see KOF at evo but im thinkin it will probably have around the same amount of people as DOA4.

I think the game deserves a chance, but it just didn’t get the numbers it needed. I dunno if it should be dropped or kept in the line up, especially with VF5 coming this spring.

Well as far as fighting games go, these sponsors really don’t know anything at all. They didn’t necessarily take the best of the best games. What they did was take the game with pretty graphics and throw it into the line up, they didn’t look at gameplay or tournament track record at all. Add to the fact that the game has online features i’m sure they have plans of holding online tournaments just like the WCG, which is a HORRIBLE idea. If they had taken the time to research, they would’ve had T5 in the tournament lineup instead. But I guess it’s a small step in the right direction anyways.

dead or alive deserves to be at evo just as much as everyone else…just cause people think its nothing but button mashing and female erotica is the reason they will never get good at it.

i say bring it…i will own every t5 fanboy in dead or alive.

I’m a t5 fanboy own me in doa4. :wgrin:

its not a big accomplishment to own someone in a game they don’t take seriously or play.

doa may have had shitty numbers. But its also the first time that doa has been in the lineup. and is the first time its had a “real” tourney showing in the community. No game starts out on top. look at evo when it was b4, and other earlier big tourneys, it took time for these tourneys to grow in numbers. I think doa could be bigger if it sticks around. I could be wrong, however. DOA4 has a huge fanbase, i don’t have numbers, but im sure the doa series sells more than all of our fav fighters combined. With that said, doa has a huge potential to bring in a ton of players.

Also, I dont know how wizard, seth, and the cannons got toyota to sponsor us. But i bet doa had some type of influence, or atleast, a bigger influence than the other games to help get that massive sponsorship. plus, microsoft hella backs tecmo and their doa property. this can increase the chances of microsoft possibly jumping in on the scene and getting involved also. plus the fact that its on a big nextgen console is nice.

it may have had a small turnout compared to the big dogs. but the game may have had some type of influence in the business side of things. plus thats another scene that can join with the rest of the fighting game community. it may genereate more players on the capcom/ggxx/tekken side of things. im sure some of the doa players that were at evo that never really saw high level capcom/ggxx play might have got intrigued and possibly want to crossover and try these games. so i see doa as a good thing in a larger scale

r3ko mind your manners and recognize that DoA4 is the golden child of evo atm in terms of anyone else other than the srk comunity giving two shits about evo.
Seriously, you think anybody in the damn world cares about 2d games based off of 20 year old gameplay for scene that reached its peak in the late 90’? Much less the fact that those games are all 5yrs old now?

Evo is alive and strong because those who enjoy the games (and I sure as hell do) have a raw love of the 2d action they grew up with and probobly more enthusiasm than any other gaming scene for what they play.
But its 2006, and to the majority of gamers (under 18) 2d games may as well be silent picture films staring Charlie Chaplin.
f you watch G4Tv, attack of the show ran a special of the Evo vegas event. (awesome and wtf-finally this gets recgonition)
It was about 30 sec but you know what they showed on 90% of the clips? DoA4.
The other 10% was tekken5 and there was literaly no shots of any 2d games. The closest thing was a clip of Justin Wong saying “Iam trying to win $5,000.”

And btw 70 entrants is not bad at all expecially since the game isnt even a year old. And obviously as your not a DoA4 player understand the scene is still going through a transition from DoA Ulltimate to DoA4. Every month the average play level of that game is getting beter and better and even more players are joining up. People who play the game can only laugh when you say it isnt a quality game and deserves no respect. Please dont ever contemplate that a 2d game possibly has more depth or requires as much skill as DoA4 does. Its the niggest name and franchise Evo has atm and its true. T6 and VF5 are coming but doa4 is the first step towards teh future and the growth evo is experienceing. So if you enjoy the scene throw doa4 the respect it deserves. Evo sure as hell isnt going to grow off of 3S I can tell you that.

And to whoever said he’ll beat the tekken 5 fanboys, I feel you. DoA4 > T5DR
After a couple months on doa4 I played some DR in the arcade and whopped on the better people there. I dont even play T5.


No real reason to hate on Doa…there’s stuff in that game that’s different for sure but every game can’t be tk or vf. I tried it on Live and a good player is a good player is a good player etc. Im in for next year…

Well a guy who’s NEVER played DoA in his life, and just picked up 4 a week or two before EVO ended up 2 matches away from top 8. Just wanted to mention that. So please just because you beat some guys on Tekken at the arcade, doesn’t mean shit.

Now I play DOA4 and so does the next guy. No need to bash on Tekken. Heck even ask Perfect Legend, I’m sure he finds Tekken: DR as a good game. They’re different quit comparing.

70 entrants being ‘not bad at all’… That is the BEST and MOST this game series has ever seen for a real competition.

Mad props to the community showing up.

Pretty much the most stupid thing i’ve ever read on SRK:confused:

[quote=“Dhalsimowns, post:14, topic:18266”]

I just said a load of crap, someone flame me…QUOTE]

Much obliged. Considering you’ve only made a few posts since you signed up, i must have got you pretty angry. It was not my intention to piss you off, but meh.

Well they obviously do care about 2d games. Doa4 got the 2nd lowest turnout… next to mario kart ds.
Players from all round the world to come play at evo for years now. So yes i do think people around the world do care about 2d games. I am coming to evo2k7 to play guess what, 2d fighters.

If you bothered reading my first post, you would have seen that i am concerned about this already. With next gen consoles, and dominant online scene over offline, what chance have we got in the future. I aint gonna repeat myself so just read my first post again please.

Once again you obviously don’t read. 70 entrants is very poor for which you claim is the biggest fighting game atm. How many people own doa4 in american i wonder, its probably alot. And since its so “big” the numbers should of dwarfed all the other games.

Now for your most retarded comment. “Please dont ever contemplate that a 2d game possibly has more depth or requires as much skill as DoA4 does.” I believe this is the reason why doa was never considered a serious fighting game ever. I hate to break it to you, but incase your that simple, do you really think doa4 is harder to play than Guilty gear xx games, or cvs2, or mvc2, or 3s, or even ST. Yes even a 14 year old 2d fighting game requires more skill and alot more deep than doa4. I think any attempt to prove me wrong on this should get you shot.

One of the reasons why doa4 should be big at evo is cause its very easy to pick and play. Sure your not gonna be the best in the world, but you’ll get along just fine being a casual gamer.

Finally you’ve totally missed the point of post all together, its not to shit on doa4 (but its sure looking like that now), its to see if the effect it had at evo would potentially ruin any chance other games from other companies of having thier game at evo in future. Considering that alot of future fighters will be similar to doa4 in the way that they will probably be online communities. I mean whats the point of showcasing the “biggest” new games on the next gen consoles at evo if they aren’t even gonna break 100 entrants.

doa is a keeper.