The Doctor is in and taking request's

Hey If anyone wants an av hit hit me up. Request whatevers.


maybe-tomorrow- but i like my baki hanma ^^ so ill see. Master Chibi hooked me up

can i get a new rock howard av without so much purple.

…thanx in advanced whether u do it or not

sup, Hey can I get a cool av of my main man Sean here?

Maybe put in a basketball hoop lol. Keep it simple if you like, just surprise me with it

Oh and thanks in advance, I really appericate it

Second thought, if it bugs you too much too put up the animation, you could keep it still…as long as the ball is visable in the avatar

Whats’ up. i’d like to request an av with either the 4th hokage from naruto or Mugen and gen from samurai champloo. you can hook them up however you see fit. thanks in advance.

I humbly request an AV which represent my team DUCK ROAST in the SRK Battle Poll:

My members are Duck King
(Reference from Real Bout Fatal Fury 2)
I wish I had some of his KOF XI art as well…but that’s okay.

Sgt. Joe from Suikoden 3

Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales

alright everybody, sorry I’ve been lagging. Im gonna get to theses av request asap, Iv’e just been really swamped with work. The av’s will be made in the order they were requested. Hopefully I’ll pull something off by tomorrow.

For now im going to halt requests. you may still request if you like but I cannot garuntee that I will get to it.

Thanx all

Thank you very much.

Take all the time you need :pleased:

Thanks for taking our request. i’m sure you’ll hook us up. no rush. :clap:

thanx for understanding. I’ll try my best.