The Dogface Show - The Three Kings of Street Fighter: Choi, Watson and Valle

The Dogface Show is a unique pop culture show, that focuses on the Street Fighter community - the players, the scene, the lifestyle, and everything else that’s made SRK what it is. I’m the host of the show, interviewing the most famous players in the fighting game community and asking the kinds of questions you’ll never hear anywhere else. If you’re at all curious what these people are actually like, there’s no better way to find out.

Generally each episode is split into four weekly segments and released as quickly as Ty “ReNiC” Mitchell can edit them without sacrificing quality for speed. EVO staff members and long-time SRK contributors James “Jchensor” Chen and Derek “Omni” Daniels are involved behind the scenes which you know can only be a good thing.

Episode 9: The Three Kings of Street Fighter: John “Choiboy” Choi, Mike “Watts” Watson & Alex “Calipower” Valle
11.07.2010 [media=youtube]ltHsRamrPvw[/media]

Episode 8: Loren “Fanatiq” Riley
6.07.2010 [media=youtube]T7NHjrp8XME&feature=related[/media]
6.10.2010 [media=youtube]yDlFeH-rVQE&feature=related[/media]
6.18.2010 [media=youtube]NiBi9E4M3B4[/media]
6.28.2010 [media=youtube]VoBcW6bCHg8[/media]
7.04.2010 [media=youtube]C9lle9rtQE0[/media]
7.06.2010 [media=youtube]n2nYGLQ_MQ8[/media]

Episode 7: Justin “Marvelous” Wong
11.24.2009 [media=youtube]yzVP1DkDH_k[/media]
12.11.2009 [media=youtube]CZwwA2Ijl7g[/media]
12.24.2009 [media=youtube]TBpvEjU2XM8[/media]
01.07.2010 [media=youtube]-eSzmDEki1w[/media]
01.18.2010 [media=youtube]OV_pzIsWD7s[/media]

Live Episode from Evolution 2009: Tom “inkblot” Cannon and Tony “Ponder” Cannon
10.05.2009 [media=youtube]bIDBovg5GbQ[/media]
10.25.2009 [media=youtube]rvtJBB4FeH0[/media]
11.17.2009 [media=youtube]drA2jltdKDM[/media]

Episode 5: Evolution 2009 Special: Scott “Sabre” Bender (The Lost Footage)
09.10.2009 [media=youtube]xJigwREUa2Y[/media]

Episode 4: Kai Ramond “HappyTang” Tang and Paul “SoMuchDamage” Sai
06.23.2009 [media=youtube]RMFCLPmeOTQ[/media]
06.30.2009 [media=youtube]hmJJnos9Q6U[/media]
07.08.2009 [media=youtube]BHg6ltyRklM[/media]

Episode 3: Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar and Seth “s-kill” Killian
05.03.2009 [media=youtube]XrLZaKe8Hxg[/media]
05.11.2009 [media=youtube]2w-55ogB44A[/media]
05.18.2009 [media=youtube]t0U5Zoa-Kek[/media]
06.03.2009 [media=youtube]uHgiPrytUBw[/media]
06.09.2009 [media=youtube]5w2epifWabc[/media]
06.15.2009 [media=youtube]019O_H0ozOo[/media]

Episode 2: Ed Ma and Peter “Combofiend” Rosas
03.29.2009 [media=youtube]JLDm2LesGp0[/media]
04.05.2009 [media=youtube]X7mMw24PAAY[/media]
04.13.2009 [media=youtube]vZ6YcMZTAbc[/media]
04.20.2009 [media=youtube]5tMuIKDQ3Ls[/media]
04.28.2009 [media=youtube]eoNdARZ3zPk[/media]

Episode 1: Ryan ?Gootecks? Gutierrez and Mike ?TheGreaterForce? Ross
02.20.2009 [media=youtube]jCzI4QB9QY0[/media]
02.28.2009 [media=youtube]GrU25QWX0PA[/media]
03.09.2009 [media=youtube]5GRt4t_1GgQ[/media]
03.15.2009 [media=youtube]iZH8_4fK1s0[/media]
03.22.2009 [media=youtube]zhE1clhYYGo[/media]

You can always find the latest episodes and news on the Dogface Show youtube channel. You can also subscribe to get instant updates whenever a new episode is released.

And please check out this surprise guest host on the Third Strike Special! The one-and-only John “Dr. Sub-Zero” Rockefeller!
The Dr. Sub-Zero Show Episode 1: Yi “5 Star” Wang and Ty “ReNiC” Mitchell**

Good shit! I think this is gonna be really popular. In fact, i predict your channel will have 1917 subscribers by March 7th, 2010.

i wish there was a forum for people to post videos

Watched The first ep around 20 times now… this is almost as funny as The Dr.SubZero show… If you can get him On I think Everyone would be greatful To you guys… SO GET HIM On!!!

Hope This show lives long, Don’t pull a “Rockefeller” on us.

Mike RAWSE!!!

love the first segment of the first episode but 10 minutes is so short. :sad:

What? Man fuck yo’ rules! I don’t need to follow no fuckin’ rules. I’m big-time now. You know what that means? That means i say shit like “Stay Tuned” like i’m a big time producer or some shit. Get cho weak shit outta hear. That’s right i just misspelled “here” cuz that’s how us OG gangstas roll on youtube.

That shit is too funny. Im so suscribing lol.

Dogface surpasses all rules because of his hair. It’s so majestic. :3

No homo.

That and yes, he is just generally fucking hilarious.

Nigga you stupid.

Better than all the boring podcasts that talk about nothing but 3S for an hour…

Yeah and he’s funny.

lol i love how we flame noobs when they do shit like post in wrong forums, but when its an old school poster ITS ALL GOOOD BABY.

srk we da best

Goddamn right we are.

Great show, but I eagerly await the rest, especially after the trailer.

Haha yeah, i’m thinking my last post definitely could have used a smiley face.

I thought it was pretty funny, but y’all definitely need to do something about raising the production value up a notch. I mean, it isn’t anything serious since it is just a talk show, but I found it a little distracting.

Some tips.

  1. Put some diffusion on the lighting so it isn’t so hard.
  2. Look into getting some lav mics or possibly working in an area that isn’t so echoey.
  3. Stage the host/guests similar to other talk shows. Instead of a triangle, have more of a line I guess? Some of your shots have very awkward blocking.
  4. Frame them up so that we never look at their back/side.
  5. Having only the close ups of the guests was a little intense. Probably best to have a medium shot like dogface has.

This is probably picky bullshit since it doesn’t bother anyone else, but fixing some or all of those things will really make the show more legit.

Pshhh. Get outa here with that amateur shit!

Either get a live audience, or a laugh track, that’s some real advice for ya. :wgrin:

Naw, I agree, though for me it was mostly the echo. It was pretty funny and Dogface has a way of throwing some random questions and remarks out there so the conversations don’t get too dry, which is good.
There were a couple of moments where I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but that could be my stupid, Dutch brain getting in the way.

Keep it up.

Echoes and 10 minutes limit are the only low points.

Besides that, excellent show.

Good Stuff. :rofl:


Too good!

too much panning