The Dojo for a Dodo

Hey Guys

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the learned folk on these here forums for giving a hopeless dodo like myself invaluable advice and assistance over the last 2 months. Many have chimed in on my threads regarding stick execution and certain combos and so I decided I wanted to give a little back. Yesterday on my lunch break I took my first name at my local 'cade on my lunch break and even though I got my ass chewed up by my line manager for being gone from my desk so long nothing could wipe the smile off my face - and this is coming from a guy who picked up a stick for the first time only 2 months ago! Often threads appear on here which once read may give the opinion that getting better with this game is an elusive prospect, but I would say heed the words on this forum and be prepared to learn - especially when being advised to… you know…PRACTICE!!!

So for anyone feeling discouraged from learning the stick or this game (SF4) in general I hope this testimonial serves as encouragement to brave the curve and discover the fun of playing better at home or the arcade.

On another note:
I’m enjoying learning to play Ryu but now I know how much can be achieved by simply drilling and practicing I’d like to learn other characters also - more specifically one other character, just to mix things up a bit. I know this is a subjective issue so I wont be asking ‘who should I main?’ but really I’d like to hear from players familiar with Chun Li as I’ve always been drawn to her but am generally put off by charge characters. Is she a difficult character to learn? How sharp does your stick execution have to be to make the most of her? I thought about waiting for Super to come out next month as Ibuki looks real interesting but Chunners is calling me!

Any and all thoughts on this will be very appreciated.


As a new player you need to grind it out and stick with your main.

Each character plays differently and when you’re still learning fundamentals you want want to screw up the way you play by switching strategies all of the time.

I hear ya Kelter. I just hope they haven’t nerfed Ryu too much in SSF4, as my foundation game at the moment includes fireball trapping and setting up for anti-air, and I haven’t heard positive things about his dp in the new game.


Re: Chun.

If you really want to use Chun in SF4, keep in mind that her learning curve is quite steep, but learning her will help make you a great player because most of her tools are not universal. That means you will have to analyze every situation and make unique decisions on the fly with almost NO time to really think. If you can get to that point, then you will be able to take those skills and apply them to ANY character.

Learning Chun will also up your poking game a LOT.

Also, you will be forced to become very good at charge management.

The downside:

Low health
Generally low damage output
She is damn near free on wakeup to soooooo many jumpins
EX SBK will disappoint you in a lot of situations
Ultra juggle/Ultra punishes require very strict timing
All her tools are hightly situational, forcing you to really learn the details of EVERY match.
The Rufus and Akuma matchups are fucking HORRIBLE for chun.

But by all means, please stop by the Chun section and introduce yourself, you will not find a more friendly and helpful character community here on SRK.

Thanks for the input Parabellum. The first 3 downsides you listed alone make me very weary of attempting this character; and unlike Ryu for instance I’m finding it damn near impossible to find a credible video tutorial for her. I think I’ll use the time before SSF4’s release to further hone my skills with Ryu and decide whether or not to pick up one of the new characters - Ibuki is of particular interest.


Go look at the following Youtube accounts:

GoldSamuraiArmor: <- This is MagnetoManiac’s YT channel and its FULL of great chun stuff.

OneHandedTerror: <- This is OHT’s channel and its got tons of great stuff. His chun is better than mine and he is playing with literally only one hand. Humbling to the rest of us who aren’t as good with two hands!

Basically, I say you should spend a few days using Chun and see if she is FUN.

That fun factor is really important and cannot be overstated in its importance!!!

Don’t worry about nerfing.

Just assume all of the characters are perfectly balanced and play who you like.

Unless you’re super high level you wont even notice the changes.

Man I should have known you’d produce the good, I’m gonna check all those vidz out.

So do you main Chun or she an alternate?


It wont stop me from playing him that’s for sure. But with more options to get around him or less tools to use with him there’s bound to be some sort of effect in the arcade - the most competitive scene second to tournaments.


Chun main for life!

((Or at least until SF5, who knows what characters will be in that game, if they even make a SF5!))

I’ve used Chun, basically since SF4 came out. I’ve repped her at 5 tourneys since SF4, the only exception being Naptown Clash, where I used Dictator just to see how my alt character would do. LOL it didn’t go so well, I have a lot more work to do with Dictator before I’m ready to use him in tourney.

The really great things about chun are:

She is VERY mobile, maybe the most mobile character in the game aside from Cammy and Akuma.
Her backdash is by far the best in the game.
Her throw range is second tier, and while she doesn’t have a usable kara throw, she really doesn’t need one.
Her jab is amazing, 3 frame startup and it links into all sorts of other things.
Her Okizeme is excellent.

So less than a year of playing her you were able to bring her out at tourneys? That’s a good look right there. Here in London there isn’t a huge scene but that just means there’s potential to be a big fish in a small pond. The arcade I frequent on my lunch break is one of only 2 with SF4 cabinets in the whole of the UK! (per SF4 Cabinet tracker)


On your first point: It’s cool to see you say that. I am a player who has delusions of going pro. And when I go 1 and 20 on xbox live, sometimes it’s really hard to just press start on the next match sometimes. I have a blog so I can vent my frustrations at the game which helps me keep going, but it’s always nice to see another player starting out who is going through the same issues and is able to overcome them.

On your second point: Personally I am of the mindset of just sticking to 1 character. I play Sakura and I have miles and miles to go (before I sleep) before I can even consider going to another character. But that’s because of my ethics in advancing as a player. It’s entirely up to you. But like Parabellum said, it will improve other aspects of your game that you may not get from just playing Ryu.