The Dormammu Thread

If POTC 2 three spike otg and carry similar to Magnetos shockwave, I can see it being useful as well.

Where are the new Mamm videos?

In every single link. If you mean full gameplay videos, all the Capcom stuff is crappy and staged, and I haven’t seen any good real footage yet. I don’t think it is useful to add bad examples of how to use him. When competent players start playing him, and we get videos, I will add them.

I don’t see this happening very often. Either they are OTG next to you in the corner, where it can’t carry, or it OTGs in the middle, where they are probably far enough away from you that only the third spike would hit anyway.


Yeah, maybe people will have to play “rushdown Dormammu” to get it off.

PoC2, on standing or jumping hit, flings them way into the air - at least, that’s what I think Keits said. You can’t combo after it easily, don’t think, but you can charge on the way down.

Only 4 pages??? Where’s the love?!

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Yeah, I’d be posting and updating more, but there probably won’t be much more valuable information until the game itself drops. Unless someone gives me a good video of his standing C…

or we catch something at the fight clubs and events.

Hey guys, I just read that thing about pushblocking removing absolute guard, that might have been what happened when I tested Stalker Flare > teleport.

Could still be really good, people love mashing pushblock on floating bomb.

Hey I was wondering if when you do stalked flare is it possible to move right away after it to apply more pressure or is he stuck in animation? Because it would be great to dash right after and apply some tri-dash pressure strings or throw down a f.C or two. Anyway dormamu is gettin mained in my boom he’s blackheart on drugs lol.

It’s probably not a good idea to try to pressure after floating bomb. You’ll get pushblocked to the other side of the screen, same as trish’s boomerang scythe. It’s probably just better to chip with portals or whatever.

If the Advancing Guard hypothesis is correct, you can punish the pushback with a teleport, making the fireball cross-up. Likely though, you should just use this time to charge up your hands or something else time-consuming.

Do the POTC spikes hit low?

Trish and Dormammu are made for each other.

Spardarang - DHC - Floating Bomb - KFC - Floating Bomb - Get Hellfire Charge - call Doom Rocks - Release Hellfire = 55% Chip maybe more

Floating Bomb - KFC - Floating Bomb is possible?

That’s what we’ve been told yeah.

Yeah, shown in one video and Floating Bomb stays out.

Yes and you’ll have too bombs, at least in the TGS build.

Oddly though, using a second floating bomb without KFC while one is out causes the first to disappear… at least in the TGS build.

Just for the record bro, if no one has told you yet you did an amazing job with the OP, that must have taken a good amount of time to pull of so mad props to you. On a different note I had no idea liberator was an assist, that sounds awesome although it sucks that you’ll have to call him out, power up your power of destroyer/creator then call out some one else and use the assist. If thats really the only way, and the assist doesn’t do much in its powerless state then I don’t see the assist being used that often. Hopefully im wrong though.

Chargeless liberation is a quick GTFO assist. Quick and knocks the enemy off. With charges, changes the game, say you have a PotD level 1 charge and liberate it, still a GTFO assist but a GTFO assist that does a pretty good amount of damage or level 1 PotC charge, giant spike pops up that either makes rushdown stop or can hopefully be used as a relauncher. That is just basics, level 3 PotD is fullscreen and as strong as a hyper and PotC level three removes the jump ability which can hinder characters who have air superiority.

Shit’s gonna fly with Dormmy.