The Do's (Not the Don'ts)

So what are the pluses that Chun Li has in K groove? She goes with my K groove Dhalsim and Zangief (oh yeah :cool: ) but anyways what should a Chun Li player keep in mind? I know her basic moves/specials/supers but I want to play her with technique, despite the groove I have chosen.

Try and do a lot of small jumps and try to cross them up. For example they jump in and you do a crouching roundhouse and it knocks them on their ass. while there are getting do a small jump and cross them up with a short, land, c.jab, s.fierce, fierce kikoken. thats just a b&b combo that i like doing.

You could rush them down with the spinning bird kick shit. you know c.jab, c.jab, c.strong, sbk, land and repeat. throw in a couple of small jumps to mix things up a bit. This is not usually reccomended cause they can super you while your are landing from a sbk and going into a c.jab. not a pretty site. makes you look dumb.

For the donts. dont ever jump with anything but short except after a kick super and you super jump after them with a roundhouse.

dont always wait for them to jump at you so you can land a c.roundhouse. just makes for a boring match.

Careful: most players, these days, know to look for the SBK after a C.Jab C.Jab C.Strong sequence, and will DP it or Roll through it or Parry it or something. Try to start an SBK trap from a Cross-up Short, C.Jab, S.Fierce XX SBK. That way, they can’t do anything in between the Fierce and SBK. And remember, keep in mind which characters have to block the SBK low and those that go right under it.

Also, the biggest advantage for Chun in K-Groove is EASY Combos. In N-Groove, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Strong into Level 1 Super is easily learnable, but still has room for errors. I mess up that Combo ALL the time. :frowning: But in K-Groove, once you get a meter, a simple Standing Jab Standing Jab Standing Short into Kick Super will Combo (works in N-Groove with a Level 3 as well, of course). And that Combo is WAY easy to do. There’s only one problem with it: some characters CAN crouch under Standing Jab (less than can crouch under the SBK, though). Learn which characters can and can’t. Then cross-up Short into Stand Jab Stand Jab Stand Short into Super is a piece of cake to land. (Oh, and to do it easily, just do Jab, Jab, Fireball + Short, fireball + Short.)

Also, after an SBK, people have also gotten good at dealing with it. Keep mixing between the three versions of the SBK to be less predictable. But one HUGE advantage of K-Groove Chun is that after an SBK, being able to Just Defend makes the trap that much safer. Just beware of the Throw. But mix between SBK traps and stopping every so often to JD.

  • James

j.MK, j.MP, and j.HP x 2 are actually quite useful jump-ins at times. If you’re not using anything besides j.short, then you’re not using your Chun to her full potential in my opinion. You’d be suprised at what moves j.MK can beat (Morrigan s.HK anti-air for example). The priority on that kick is just as good if not better than the j.LK. If you’re going to land in front, then consider a MK instead of the LK all the time then.

Actually this is one of her best strats :lol:. In K-Groove, with the lack of level ones, you can’t really get a strong offense going until you have that meter. Once you start flashing ticked off red, it’s a totally different story. But if you can get your opponent to jump at you, and you land that one d.HK, the momentum of the match totally swings in your favor (since you’ve gotten that knockdown). Then you can decide to be (or not be) as offensive or defensive as you want. You dictate the pace of the match from there on in. Having no patience is the number one cardinal sin of CvS2 unfortunately (or maybe it’s just because I like C-groove personally) :lol:

Don’t forget, JD into throw is also really cheap too… :bluu:

Super jump cancelling from Chun-li’s standing hard kick is annoying as hell, she can run her ass of with that shit. You can tech hit the JD into throw if the JD was a jump in.

so can K groove chun compete at a tournament level just as C A N P Chunners have? Rarely do I see K Chunli. Im a K groover and I like to use N Chun normally. theoretically i think she has some qualities which make her worthwhile in K ie her good throws. But Im not sure if a raged chun can do what guard crush whores: cammy, geese, sagat, bison and blanka do.
although other K groove notables like kyo, hibiki and vega aren’t nearly as likely to crush guard. Is it possible to shoto rush with her, or will I have to mix it up with psuedo rush and Low jump short? doing SBK takes good chip, but precious rage seconds tick away.

what can i do to punish laggy moves after JD besides throw? St Fierce into kikoken?

Maybe it’s the players I’m playing— But Low Jump short cross ups just ends up with me on the losing end. As much as possible, if you MUST low jump short… xx your landing with Lightning Kicks. It’s much safer.

Anyway I don’t see why a K-Chun couldnt compete. Her roll really sucks and is probably better off without it. The only problem I have with K-Chun is that she loses a lot of her game without meter. N/C/Maybe A/and even S offer her super meter frequently and is available whenever you land almost any of her normals.

And to punish after a JD, if you dont have any meter, I just say score a knockdown and start her mixup.


Let me explain, Chun Li’s roll is very slow, and very long. It’s as if she’s asking to be thrown. :wink: