The down H otg move explanation please



Alright, I just started using Haggar and I really like the character but there’s one thing I haven’t been able to figure out yet. When Haggar hits you with his down H and the opposing character is on the ground it picks them up, hence OTG, now the question is: Why is it that when Haggar does his down H to pick up the opposing character, sometimes it makes them bounce harder and sometimes it doesn’t? To be more specific, when the opposing character bounces harder, the animation of that characters knees are propelled toward the body, giving Haggar enough time to OTG again. Although sometimes, that animation doesn’t happen at all. Why is that?

Does Haggar need momentum to hit his opponent with the down H when the opponent is down in order to cause the harder bounce or is it completely random? Also does the assist have to be out before Haggar does his down H move in order for the game to realize that Haggar is going to continue the combo? How do you achieve the harder bounce every time because sometimes that harder bounce determines a kill or not.

I completely understand that the harder bounce will not happen twice in a row, but what I’m asking is why it doesn’t happen even once sometimes. Any advice would help and I hope I’m explaining myself clearly…


That happens depending on how long it takes you to do the cr.H after a hard knockdown. For example, if you do a simple air series combo, end in a hard knockdown, then do cr.H immediately, they’ll bounce back and you can do the cr.H again. However, if you wait too long for the first cr.H, the bounce won’t happen and you can only OTG once. When trying to do that from Haggar’s wild swing, lariat, and his command grabs, it’s either really rare or impossible for that to occur because of the small delay Haggar will usually have before he can do his cr.H.


I see, so it all depends on how fast Haggar can reach his opponent when they land on the ground. Thank you for that explanation :slight_smile: