The down-smash counter hit

I don’t know why I haven’t seen this posted anywhere, many characters like marth, Ike, Zelda, Kirby, Pikachu blah blah blah, tons more, have a down smash that hits very early despite it being bad if you miss it. A common tactic I use is to power shield downsmash with alot of characters you can get off your down smash before they can do anything. Its not universally the best attack but it is often a better option then shield grabbing when ppl know the exact range of your grab plus many of these attacks come off just as fast. With some chars like pikachu its one of the staples of there game…

That’s mostly because Pikachu’s down-A is fucking retarded

other peoples down smash can be also used for the same purpose, they arn’t going to be as retarded though.

This is useful after spot dodging, too, since a buffered d-smash comes out almost instantly after the dodge ends. Useful for anyone with a quick d-smash.

R.O.B. does this same shit too as well. Without the ending lag.

p.s. how do you buffer hitting the analog stick down?

Hit C-down toward the end of the dodge.

I thought this was common knowledge. You can shield and punish with almost ANYTHING. It just depends on the move. You don’t always have to shield grab.

I abuse this a lot with MK, but then my d.smash gets so decayed I can’t kill with it. Then I realize it’s his only good kill move and I regret spamming it, lol.

I try to use f.tilt more now.