The Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit BAD Games Thread

The GOOD people that you can find online are far and in between. I just got done with some jackass that did nothing but yell “STOP LAGGING THE GAME” as soon as he started losing. How can I purposely lag the game when I’m sitting here playing with you? I’m sorry, but when you use a shit character like BROLY (not that I don’t like Broly, but he is surprisingly bad in this game) and you’re losing, why is the game suddenly lagging. So I dropped mid-battle.

He didn’t stop there, because he decided to sent me a voice message saying he didn’t want me to join anymore of his games. Avoid SPARDA 2099, he’s just a poor sport. Sorry, but shit like this just pisses me off.

A lot of people seem to think this game is nothing but a “spam special attacks fest”. If you’ve had a bad game in BL, let us know, here.

EDIT: I just found this GameSpot topic on him, he’s supposed to be the best in the game as far as power level goes…

And it seems he D/Cs on everyone! What a lame.