The Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit good games thread

June 10 th is the big day and yall know what to do:woot:

getting it today also if you want to play add me on your friends list “Critical King”

ggs to taxtso this morning. the connection was pretty bad tho is it always like that?

The connections from what ive seen are absolutely horrible. =(

No its not that bad

Im guessing this game sucks

YES!! really bad lol

I had a whole bunch of good games with my homie Residual Hambo, yesterday.

im looking for good no cheap games so i can actually improve. the online lag kills me. but i usually will play yellow or green. never red lol. and can i see someone else besides vegeta for once? he’s my favorite character but i use yamcha, krillin,picollo and trunks. be diverse dammit!!!

xzGHGxz Blaq

wow…i guess no one with an even decent (yellow) connection plays. i have a bunch of greens on my list but i can never join

Lol yea I have rented this game from gamefly, have in my possesion so anyone interested in gaming tonight send me a message on x-box live, my screenname is under my location info etc