The Drake likes little girls, Kappa, Thread ( The new rap thread )( The new Child Stars that Grew up to be Hot a.k.a. The Come in and be a Dirty Old Man Thread )


So yeah, I guess Drake likes lolis, who would’ve thinked?




Cause evidence lol. There’s quite a few of these go get 'em type “news articles” about this Twitter video Drake was in. Seems to be pretty all at the same time for poor 'ol Drake lol.
EDIT: fixed a Freudian slip


This doesn’t deserve its own thread.


Stop trying to suppress evidence of the machine, they throwing some shit at the man and treating it like it’s r Kelly or Mr huckstable worthy. Plus that chick ain’t seventeen fuck that lol!


The only thing Drake ever did worth mentioning, was give us the general framework for a visual representation of SRK The_Damned, minus the emo MS Paint (shoutouts to SRK Cankle Rep).


When did a 17 year old become loli? She would be legal in some states.


And in other states 17 is still very much a child.
You can’t vote, buy cigarettes, enlist in the military or buy stock at 17.


Drake is canadian 16 is legal and in some places 14. And it is fucking bad.

I do remember how horny 17 year old girls are from highschool. They were as horny as we were.

But yeah drake should make sure these randos he brings on stage are legal

I mean dude got a porn star escort pregs


The minimum age of consent is those forming legitimate relationships, not a target for booty.
Me personallly, if a woman don’t know what SNICK is, she too young for me.

R Kelly should be castrated with a rust cheese grater, the guy a monster and everyone knows it.
Drake? Just shoot him already.


Drake doing a Sprite commercial suddenly makes much more sense.


Just came in to say, can we NOT make the rap and hip hop thread, the same as the dirty old man thread? Just saying we should should keep the two separate despite how they come to twist due to certain stars and their issues.


No one is taking this thread seriously


Gimpy already made a rap thread months ago…this thread is clown shoes.


Ok, with discourse limits and all wasn’t sure if they locked the old one.



There no defending this garbage


Yeah, fuck that. Saying he didn’t know Aaliyah was 15. Lying on a dead person like that with some dumbass lie that anyone with common sense would know is BS. I know the public’s shitting on him won’t last (even in this #metoo era), because if you can sing you’re forgiven. Still, this dude needs to be fucking excommunicated until he gets some therapy.


In this day of age I dont think there any forgiveness, especially with sexual assault and abuse. Cosby knows first hand how you can get burned.

Also If R.Kelly goes to jail, dont expect him to live for long. Prisoners look down on that shit.


I don’t know. Normally, I’d agree, but that shit (for whatever reason) seems to just fly out the window whenever the would-be smeared can sing and/or dance. I mean, though it’s not on the same level, look at Chris Brown. If you go by Rihanna’s abuse picture from that night and the police report, it seems like that dude should be persona non grata. Instead, he’s still got fans and significant rep.


There was a point in Kelly’s career where he was calling himself the pied Piper of R&B. He wasn’t even trying to hide it at that point.