The dreaded Raiden Superman



While watching the TeamSpooky tourney yesterday, I noticed that the players that picked Raiden, never spammed the superman move.
When you play online though, that’s all you see from raiden players.
Clearly pros found a way to make it nonviable, so my question is, as ermac, what do you do against a Raiden that spams the Superman and keeps teleporting to grab you?


Block. Sounds a little too simple, but it works. Raiden’s “superman move” is easily punishable, and since you’re playing Ermac thats a free 40% combo on them. That will probably get them to stop spamming that move. Then you just need to watch for the teleport, if you know they are going to grab just tech otherwise it’s just a guessing game after a Raiden teleport.


So simple lolol
I’m gonna have to learn a 40% combo cuz all I have is a 25% one lol
And what do you mean by “just tech” (I’m not really into fighting games, other than MK, so Im not familiar with the terms)


“Just Tech” means you try to throw them when they try to throw you. The throw then “techs” and both players are pushed back a little.


Blocking will be your best deal, as the other person said, you can easily punish Raidens Superman, either that or you can also force push or force lift his superman but you have to predict the superman