The Dream/Hell Ports

Home ports. They’ve been good, they’ve been bad, they’ve been ugly.

Just thinking about what you think personally are the best port features from arcade versions/console features in general.

Edit: Made it more tier-listy.

Button Setup
S - Blazblue, HDR, Guilty Gear - Bam, bam, bam. Easy as pie.
C - SF3:3S, CvS2, SF4
D - KOF12.

Training Mode and tutorials
S - VF4 - A complete run through each move, one-by-one. It even had alternative options for failed combos :lol:
A - GG, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
B -

S - Blazblue, HDR
A - Virtua Fighter 5
C - Street Fighter 4, KOF12(PS3)
D - KOF12(360)
F - Garou, KOF98UM, most XBLA ports.

Random Extras
S - Tekken 3, Blazblue (inc DVD)
A - Street Fighter EX, Rival Schools: United By Fate, Virtua Fighter 5
D - KOF12.

Arcade Correctness
S++ - Soulcalibur(DC). Widely thought to be better than the arcade release.
D - CVS2 PAL. Really noticable speed difference.
F-- (SEE ME AFTER CLASS) - Arcana Heart 2.

Unlock System
S - Virtua Fighter
A - Blazblue
C - SC4, SF4, Tekken 3
D - MvC2. I know some people liked the earning of money to buy shit, but when you lost/corrupted your Dreamcast save you start to realise it aint so fun =/

Edit: Added more ideas

Add your thoughts people :smiley:

I like this thread and I don’t want to hijack it, but I’m curious why it’s pretty unanimously agreed that SFIV has bad online play. In my limited experience I haven’t noticed that many problems, I just don’t choose people below three bars (I do the same in BB) and I can do things like RSF loop fine. Is it moreso because of multiple strictly timed links making minor lag more noticeable, or is there a problem with the netcode I just haven’t noticed?

HDR has good netcode?

Any game that comes with a recording feature in it’s training mode gets an A+ from me. Recording is damn helpful. One of the best training mode ideas hands down.

I thought 3S had a good training mode. I liked the tech training feature. HDR has the best training mode though. Why don’t other games let you see the hitboxes in training mode if you want to?

Have you played KOF lately? Your problems with XII sound like ones brought up on launch day that have been answered/patched (the patch did come out, btw. At least for PSN. Game is on par with SF4 in netcode now, IME.) Making different controller profiles isn’t too terrible, but it’s not 1-2-3-done like HDR :frowning:

PS2 3S had parrying training, that gets a vote from me. Agreed on the usefulness of a recording feature a la BlazBlue (SF4’s is meager at best), I would like to see it in all games.

I’d like to see an online training mode. Sometimes me and my buddies just hang out in p-mode practicing shit and figuring things out. I’d like to do that online too; it would make a 1v1 room a lot more casual too.

I stand corrected :sweat: I’m a 360 KOF12 player, and we’ve pretty much been abandoned =/ I know the PS3 one was patched but I thought it was still pretty bad.

Wasn’t the 3DO port of SSF2 considered the closest to the arcade version for a while though?

I wouldn’t put KOF in the bad section of Training myself, most of the games in the series I’ve played have had really in-depth training options. If I’m thinking of the right game one of the recent ones had preview modes for each move.

You need:

1- A neutral section for half these catergories… just because something isn’t good, doesn’t mean it’s bad!

2- AH2, “Hell” port all the way. Mention it imo.

And personally, I’ll take games without any unlocks as “Good” unlock systems. :smiley:

Guilty gear training mode is good also; the option to set all the defensive options to RANDOM occurance is awesome for single-player reaction training.

Most of the proper KOF home releases have had great practice modes. But 12 was too big of a step backwards for it to go unnoticed…On many levels.

How many have you played?

This. BoskonoBITCH was a pain to unlock on T3 on Ps one.

I second that statement. In pretty much every Tekken, you had to unlock at least some of the characters, and those some were mained by at least one or two people. Tekken 3 had it, and so did Tekken 4 and 5. Maybe DR for the PS3 didn’t have it, but I wouldn’t know. I also suspect that Tekken 6 will be the same way. 'Gotta have that replay value for folks who really only play by themselves, I guess…

A better game to put in that category would be VF5. The ONLY thing to unlock in that game are costumes and costume items. I mean, who wants to play as Dural?

I know Tekken 5 for PS2 was pretty retarded to unlock stuff, some of the customizations were so expensive for little reason, not to mention you had to beat story mode so many times to unlock characters. It took forever to unlock Heihachi since I dont know that many Tekken characters and had to find cheap exploits with everybody. I also didnt really like The Devil Within, so it was annoying trying to find that hidden game (forgot what it was), unlock Devil Jin, etc.

Most KOF games have had a pretty great training mode like KOF XI, but I remember hearing about how stupid the Orochi Saga one was. If you set the AI to block everything they would just walk straight backwards the whole time or something.

One of the problems with the older KOFs was that if you set the CPU to block, you couldn’t throw them no matter what.

As for Tekken 5… I unlocked DJ the alternate way. Devil Within was ass and the extra costumes were too damn expensive.

Seems in Tekken 6 you have to do Scenario mode to unlock. You start with Lars and Alisa apparently.

Nothing beats AH2 as a hell port :sad:

I’ll second that, and KOF’s (specifically 98-XI) all have a pretty well thrown together training mode imo, SFIV’s is okay I guess…

I am betraying my newness to both Tekken and KOF, sorry bout that :sweat: It started of just as a thing to say how new fighters seem to be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back in terms of features sometimes.

I’ll turn it into a more tier-listy type thing I think :china:

98 UM has a really good training mode imo.

The lack of VF5 means that list fails.

This one too. “Always full of customization”? You are aware Namco copied that aspect straight from VF, along with the ranking and net-link system?

Compiling lists without research. Good stuff.

The fact that VF4, 4EVO, and VF5 are missing from that list is embarrassing. BlazBlue had a decent amount of extras as well (single player modes and an extra tutorial DVD/BD).