The Dream thread

Discuss your dreams whether you believe they mean something or not. I just find them interesting. So here’s a couple of dreams i remember very vividly

I walk outside a green door and make my way downhill of this secluded lonely house surrounded by mountains with my cousin

as we are walking we notice these metal structures that we begin to play on.
it launches me into the small bit of flowing water at the bottom of the hill when my cousin says “you know…when the water rises to here they say there is a demon around” and puts his hand at his waist level.

very quickly this water begins to rise and flow faster sweeping us into a mountain. flowing down this fast river is a building that was buried by the moutain i notice people on the inside looking like lost souls.

at the end of the river i notice baby cribs. all the people ive seen and these babies were the lives that the demon had taken. i say something to my cousin and no response, i turn to look at him and he was the demon.

he tries to take my life but the souls of those he had killed bind him. The green door reappears i run through it and im back where i started.

i walk into the house and the door vanishes… there is no more light outside, only inside.

the house consist of only 4 rooms and 4 people including myself, i speak to a woman in the house but i dont remember what she says.

one man is walking in circles around the house holding his face muttering something to himself, he seemed very unstable.

i grab him, my fingers sink into his body, and look at his face, it had no curves just a flat round surface with a painting of a distored face on it “be solid! become whole!” i yelled to this man but he continued pacing, muttering, and holding onto himself. he reached for a cyanide pill and swallowed. when i realized this i reached for something sweet and full of sugar to counter act it and saved his life.

The whole experience had left me anxious and filled my heart with pressure and made me uneasy. it became too much. i used my hand to puncture my chest and inserted my other hand as well, as i began to pull apart i let out this hi-pitched yell that sounded like it was off of an 8-bit video game and split myself.

afterward i felt relieved,saved…i wake up

another one that made me think

So it begins with me in my house watching the news when the reporter says there has been a war declared.
in a non-caring way i turn off the television and walk outside where it is my regular home town exept there are no streets, houses are further apart, and is a wasteland

so as i am driving with my friend in the car and notice in the rear view mirror that there are multiple explosions going off and i speed up to try to escape them.

i come across the place where they are launching these missiles and i meet the person in charge. i speak with him and he says in order to take shelter with them that i must join them. i put in my information as does my friend and when my record comes up they do not let join. i begin to taunt the man in charge and he forces me to leave.

im walking outside in the bright sun when i come across this screen in the dessert. it is showing me from behind, as i keep watching i notice to soldiers slowly walking up to me while carrying riffles. i try to run back to the door to escape them…i feel i piercing pain in my back, then i fall to the floor. cut off from all my senses i can only hear my thoughts all the while trying to hold onto what little life i had left as much as i could, i thought "this is the day i’ve been ignoring my whole life…the day im going to die…whats going to happen?..where am i going? time i open my eyes where will i be?

and i wake up

One dream I can remember vividly is one where Michael Myers (I think thats his name. The guy from Halloween) was stabbing me in the face. Theres more (waaaay more) but I can’t be bothered typing it up.

Lol, then why reply at all…

Man your dreams are always so interesting. I can hardly remember mine and when I do they’re usually dull.

But I do remember when I was 6 I had recurring nightmares that Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were fighting each other for the right to kill me(basically the plot for Freddy vs Jason, just way before that lame ass movie came out) Anyway I had these nightmares for months until one night I sort of controlled my dream and made Freddy and Jason become my friends. After that the nightmares stopped.

I used to have recurring nightmares as a child as well. Mine consisted of a black hand that would come from a dark corner somewhere and drag me off ,and as i would try to scream i could not make a sound. until one night in my dream i was sleeping in my living room and saw a yellow glow coming from my room. I walked in and saw the monster that had been haunting my sleep, i grew angry, clenched my fist, and punched the monster shattering him into little shards.

Never had a nightmare after that

Oh shit we got a thread dedicated to the dream radio killaaaaaa

Just sharing.

Had a dream earlier this week that I was babysitting or something. The girl looked like a younger Dakota Fanning (maybe I was thinking of the movie Man on Fire?). I vaguely remember a third person, an adult, in the home I was staying in.

There’s always stuff in dreams that you don’t remember, so I only remember the home invasion robbery part. An intruder, a giant Hakan-looking bastard, ties the three of us up. After he talks tough and threatens everyone, things escalate. He pulls out a huge knife, just a bit smaller than a machete, and draws it on the little girl. Me and other person are panicking.

Either I reach for a kitchen knife or the other person passes it to me, don’t remember. I free myself from being tied up, and I hack the shit out of the intruder’s back with everything I have. I paint the white walls red-- anything so I can stop the creep from harming the girl. He stabs me in the gut and throws me back in the corner, as if his wounds didn’t even hurt. At that point I just sit there, realizing that there’s nothing more that I can do. I watch the intruder happily mutilate the girl with the giant knife, as if he won a prize or something. I wake up with that last moment fresh in my mind.

One of those dreams that stay with you, as if it’s supposed to mean something IRL.

I can fly in every dream. It’s not the same type of fly though, some nights it’s DBZ/Superman style, some nights I can barely hover a foot off the ground and that’s it.

lol you were sharing that you didn’t feel like sharing

I’ve got plenty of these, but I just thought I’d share this fun fact about Griff (me): I’m bipolar, and one of the side effects of my medications is that I have excessively strange dreams, and I actually dream while I’m awake. Sort of like daydreaming, except not. My girlfriend will ask me a question like “what time do you have class?” and my answer will be something pertaining to outerspace, or how we have to escape my bed-fortress. So yeah, sharing of said crazy illusions/delusions shall take place.

interesting im jelous
sorry if my comment offends you

No, it’s fine. Last night I got around 2-3 hours of sleep, and had an intensive dance audition for theatre stuff this afternoon, and tonight I was sitting in marching band practice, completely exhausted, and kept imagining that one of the drum majors had a brightly colored, enormous raccoon’s tail. It made it slightly more manageable to sit there and play shitty music for 2 hours, so I’m not complaining that time haha.

Nice. A dream thread.

Incoming wall of text. This is most of my entire research ever done on my dreams in the past few years.

I have some strange superpower to be able to control my dreams.

Whenever I wake up in the morning, but still feel sleepy, I discovered that I can do this thing where I can shoot myself into a dream while conscious. I close my eyes (obviously) and roll my eyes upward. Doing so, I always find this strange black/purple vortex portal gate thing. If I stare at it for 3 seconds, a noise screen (and sound) fades in and shoots me into a dream. This will put me to sleep, but my mind doesn’t doze off. I am fully aware of what happened and what is to come…

As the noise screen dissipates, I would find myself either floating or falling into a dark location, which typically becomes some kind of indoor setting. It has mostly been inside strange facilities, Resident Evil style mansions with long narrow hallways and dim lighting, caves, or in the middle of the ocean. The ocean can be dark and scary, but since I know it’s a dream, I’m a ton braver than I would be compared to real life.

Here are the scenarios that could play out:

1) Sex. I’m excited that I’m conscious of my dream, so I run around trying to spawn women to do it with. I always do bump into one and she is always willing to do it. I go for the BJs.

This is not as perfect as it sounds… MOST of the time, I tend to wake up (from high excitement levels) before I get the chance to sploosh. I want to note that I can actually go all the way without waking up if it’s dream that I’m not aware/conscious of.

For excitement, I find/spawn girls in a public setting with tons of other people and just do them in front of everyone. It’s so much fun. I typically spawn in a neighborhood and go into random houses where I can find/spawn some random girl to play with though. Think of the algorithm in the newer Grand Theft Auto games. It’s like, your surroundings might be a ghost town, not a car or person in sight, but if you keep rotating your camera around, you just see people and cars appear as if they were always there. It’s sort of like that in my dreams.

2) Swimming. I dive into water. It’s dark and sometimes murky. There is nothing in sight but darkness of dimly-lit water. It’s like… dark blue in tint. It is SCARY as hell. I can’t even swim, but for some reason I can in dreams. The water doesn’t feel wet. I did a gutsy thing and breathed in while underwater. I ended up just breathing normally. It was cool. If I’m at a beach setting, which is always dark by the way, I run off into the water and start swimming as far as I can go. The fear really hits me hard, but I keep going. I admit to being scared of the empty ocean. I always think about stuff like Zelda: Windwaker, how you can be in the middle of a dark ocean and get maelstromed by some giant unknown creature. Something always makes me feel a giant Marlboro (FF monster) would spawn or rise from the depths of the sea and come after me.

3) Superjumping. I spawn in a cityscape in daylight. I know it’s a dream and if I can’t find girls, I superjump off the ground. I can’t seem to fly. I try to all the time, but I just end up superjumping high into the sky. Let me tell you, the adrenaline rush is amazing when you are falling down from the sky. The views are also amazing. It’s like what you see in movies with the camera aimed down while dropping off a skyscraper, except mines look real and not CGI.

4) Reading. I find something to read. I saw an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, I THINK. Anyway, I recall that Batman was put into a sleeping dream by Scarecrow. In the dream, Bruce tried to read books, but the pages were filled up with unreadable gibberish symbols and letters. And then fast forward a bit and Bruce later explains that the left side (I think) of the brain is asleep and non-functioning while you are sleeping. The left side of the brain is the side you need to read stuff, so that when you try to read something in a dream, you can’t.

Anyway, that episode fascinated me into trying, so I did just that. I activate my dream portal thing and run around to look for books. The first time I found a book and saw it, my mind was blown! It did look like English letters, but they spelt stuff that didn’t make sense. Here is how the text on the pages would look.


The font is kinda curvy and inconsistent. I see it form into 4-letter blocks like how I posted it above.

It’s kinda strange though. I DO find stuff that I can read. Usually a small banner or sign is readable in English. But once you bust out the books, something with tons of words all clumped together, it becomes gibberish.

---- END ----

Notes on dreams that I am not conscious of.

1) Sandy/Dirt Mouth. I get a lot of these dreams where my mouth is filled with some moist gunk, like wet sand. I try to cough and puke it all out, but it’s endless. Sometimes it makes me realize that I’m in a dream so I commit suicide to wake up. Or I can just inflict harm on myself. Both styles work. I want to note that when I have these dreams, I typically wake up to a dry mouth/throat.

I just lost my train of thought, so more will have to wait for a part 2… if this thread is still alive. It was fun venting all this anyway. Maybe someone will find this interesting. As you can see, I am VERY into dreams and stuff.

To be continued…?

I’ve had this recurring dream for a long where I’m under a lot of pressure, as if I’m being over-run by an unstoppable force. Almost like zombies, or just some sort of angry crowd, or maybe one monstrous entity of sorts. Just before I’m about to be completely overwhelmed (or killed?), I literally press some sort of pause button and quit out as if it’s a videogame.

Also, I always have dreams in which I am stumbling around nearly blind, unable to really speak, and I just cannot pick my head or body up to compose myself.

Certain dreams I feel like they can be symbolic, but most of the time, it’s just meaningless meanderings of the mind.

every time i tried that in my dream it wouldn’t work

i don’t really like controlling my dreams as much as i like to see where they take me.

last night i had a dream i was going to a fighting game tournament that was going to be held in this opera house full of thousands of people. im in the parking lot looking for my friends…we join up and go to register, as soon as the tournament is about to start the opera house begins to tilt. people begin falling over the sides while i try to run through the doors to escape. I burst through the door blinded by a white light, outside i see motherships taking humans as slaves with the leader standing to the side watching.
i am put in line and when i come close to their leader i plead and beg him to give me a little more time i still wish to meet the girl i love face to face (i already know her but is far away) he looks at me. the next thing i know is they send me back in time…there was no color, i was forced to work in a factory and wait till the day my lover was born.

the day came when i could finally meet her i slowly walk up the steps to her front door…i reach for her door about to open it…i wake up

Me too! Almost…not every dream, but I’d say 1 out of 3 dreams, I can fly, and just like you, sometimes I struggle to get off the ground, and sometimes I’m maneuvering around like a pro.

lol sometimes i will hear my alarm which is i radio in my dreams and the lyrics would show up randomly, like on billboards, books, or my college professor is writing them on the board.
Anyways interesting stuff guy. I too am very interested in the surreal

How strange that this thread pops up on the night of one of my most vivid and nuts dreams I’ve had in years :confused: