The drill set ups



i had to make a thread about the drill set i have

  1. thing that i love doing is after a knock down is run up on them and do the drill wright before they get up that’s if the don’t have a super or cc

  2. is if you have them in the corner and they don’t have a super or a cc c.jab and if they block do the drill

if you have any posts your shit

i have alot but i’m in a rush:(


Throw out a qcb+hp, make it predictable, so that they jump it, then nail them out of the air with the drill super (If you’re playing C-Groove, hit them with a L2, then cancel it into a L1, it’s roughly the same damage, and somewhat less reliable, but so stylsish :cool:!) Don’t use this against other C-Groovers… an air-blocked super is like a dick in your mouth :mad:!


Wow C groove can air block supers now? That’s some 1337 shit. Teach me how great one. :lol:


Admittedly, I’m not the most knowledgable player out there, and if it’s not possible, then that wouldn’t surprise me, but I would swear I’ve seen it happen before… though it seems I may have been mistaken (my understanding was, so long as the move has left the ground, it can be air blocked. Plus if it isn’t possible, doesn’t that just make the setup that much better?) No need to flame due to my ignorance…:frowning:


ok I apologize. :frowning:


Ok First of all let’s clear something up…
Guillotine = Anti Air Super
Drill = Grab Super

i play K Yama so i can’t roll…
the most success i get in landing the drill is off a running low jump short… blocked or hit they’ll be out of block stun by the time u land… feel free to super when u land heh… all they can do is jump… if they think they’ve figured u out and jump… slap them with the guillotine:cool:

another cheesy way to land it is… c. Jab x2, run, stop, Super:cool: works well under pressure

empty jump-ins into super work once in a blue moon…


Ok First of all let’s clear something up…
Guillotine = Anti Air Super
Drill = Grab Super


Yeah, I realized that I had fallen victim to some confusion, and was just on my way in to post a correction :p. Oh well, the setup still works, but you have to be more careful with the timing, and catch them just as they’re landing.


I usually run in close and do a s.forward then do the drill super. If you do the super after the s.forward it will connect unlike the s.jab where it will not connect.


edit:just kidding


Instigator! Don’t get him started, you know nothing will come from it except getting this thread closed :mad:


Seriously Bokchoy get off it already…
umm umthrfkr… i don’t think that grab super can be cancelled out of a normal and still connect… unless ur zangief:D
unles ur talking about the guillotine… that will connect… but who the hell gets hit by a running s. FK?


How exactly does one do a running low jump? I, in my tremendous ignorance, thought that only super jumps could be done from a run.


you cant do a running small jump. you can run stop quickly and then do a small jump. but no running small jump.


yah that was my bad… well any kind of jumping short will do… i’m just small jump happy hehe… gets me into to trouble sometimes…


The ones I know are:

j.short, drill, drill

c.jab, c.jab, drill

early j.rh, drill

roll :slight_smile: , drill

edit: My friend found out in C-groove you can juggle the dust kick, then mp slash.


First thing to do is learn how to drill whenever you want. HCBx2 is not as hard as it sounds.

Once there, the setups are easy as hell.

Bait out low fierce or poke, roll, drill…

Lowjump short into drill…

bait them into expecting a s.roundhouse and rolling, then drill (this has the double benefit of setting up a ‘will i drill or guillotine’ mindgame. A lot of my matches with Yama is spent with me just out of roundhouse range making my opponent second guess himself.)

Set a P/K-Groove player up to expect a guillotine jumping in, then drill instead as they land. This is actually easier to do with a level 1 than a level 3.

After a landed headbutt, stay near their body and make them think you’re gonna go for a drill. Whiff a low jab as they get up, and then drill anyway. This is only to counter people who think they have eye of the tiger :wink:

If you’re in close range and can spare the meter, just drill. I mean, really, what they can do to get away? If you see them just standing there, input HCBx2 and if they still haven’t moved, you have them.

And finally, you can just roll into super. :wink: