The DTX - version 7.1 Thread = "The Renaissance..."

Here’s my last e-gift to DTX…

One last post coming…

Man keep this shit up and you will be reported to administration…

I will report you this is childish Thai do you NOT see what you are doing???

This is very foolish. You are seriously acting like a baby. You can’t let bygones be bygones…this is truly foolish man.

Wake up and snap out of it!!! You are looking very foolish!!! I will continue to post in the Dallas thread if I wish Thai!!! I am being political about this…

you are being childish!!!

Stop with this non-sense…it is irritating more than just me. And you think this shit is funny but it aint…its getting on people’s nerves.

If this was GC.Net I would be part of the administration.

KINGDOM’s Last Hurrah…

Well, you know what? I’ve had it. No, seriously.

This is my last SRK post…just wanted to say an online farewell to the people that actually give a damn about me.

This isn’t to say that I’m bidding farewell to my friends in real-life; just retiring for good on this online circus called SRK…

On Saturday, I almost did something that I escaped from doing a long time ago; it was the reason I moved to Texas in the first place…the people that know me, know my real story. But yeah, on to something else…

I’m very thankful for the friends I’ve made throughout the years here on SRK… I was originally from GPOW…the granddaddy to SRK…the old folks know it. :sweat:

I have done my fair share of contributions to the community, but now it seems that some of my own brethren are chastising me for being a foolish old man. You know, they’re right…but not in the sense that they’d like to believe.

I have ran the gauntlet of tournaments, and participated in the past to support the DFW scene where Jermaine and Tony left off. I have chastised and castrated many DFW people for having hubris…something that I really despise. Many of them have become humble and privately thanked me…those guys have moved on to better things.

I have made someone a living tragic comedy; yes, he is someone to pity…if you only knew… the people that know, understand now why he is how he is…

And that’s the pity…I’m tired of butting heads with a boy. I’m a seasoned old fart (in mind). I don’t have time for this sort of thing…I have students that give me my trials and tribulations every day. :sweat: But I digress…

…so I bid an online-farewell…to those who know me and actually care…the very few - the ones that matter to me the most.

DFW is going to have a different identity online…whether good or bad, it’s up to the guys that are left…

Just remind you: **Dark Geese ? DFW **:wink:

Much love to the people that actually know me for me.



If Lay reads this, I’m still keeping my promise to him on April. :wink:
We’re going to pull in 2d Tony if it’s the last thing I do! :devil:

Back to your regularly scheduled program

i guess it back to jus blazin thread, this shit suck ass

Can’t wait, dallas is fun. Especially when I sit in the backseat and sleep.
I’m > then Logan in ST.

Awww, I didn’t want Kingdom to leave :sad: . Stupid Dark Geese, you’re the one who should be leaving since you hate Capcom Games so much :arazz:. You and your pad pussy playing Street Fighter 3 Third Strike skills.

Ed why the hate against pad players so much man chill out dude.:wgrin: We are all gamers. I don’t hate Capcom I hate close-minded people. (How many times must I state that for it to ring true?)

Lay nice meeting you man.

At Ts6 I’d love to get some casuals with you in 3s Yun-Yun.

Bye Kingdom :frowning:

Wait it’s just SRK, who cares. HAAAAAaaaaa.

$3 Logan > Mike Vo > AI Level 2 > Sack of Potatoes > Lay in ST.

Lay:ST::taiwan:Countries that are worth a shit. $3

Shouldn’t this shit be on gaia or xanga?

Logan don’t bitch because you can’t do a walldive with ST Claw. :rofl:

I stop reading Dalalalaalass threads for a day or two and it’s more e-bombs. Ha. I had fun Saturday! Thanks for the wings, Thai. I’ll pay you back, I forgot!!! I’ll see you around. Lay, we should play more stupid games sometime. Like bleach or maybe DoA4. God I hate Time Attack mode sooo much. See you at TS6 hopefully!

That shit is impossible on AE. Is it just me or is Bison’s head-stomp really hard to do also?

oh no, one of srk’s finest has fallen…DAMN THIS WORLD!!

Freddy are you going to pick up DR? I am going to play it quite a bit when it comes out.

Damn I’m gone for 4 months and you boys don’t know how act w/o me. Geese what did you do now? Well Thai good ish to you homie. I know we bumped many of heads and talked much shit, but you know what… You was right homie. So long I guess hopefully if I can get housing I’ll see you at TS6.

i have no idea, but i think i will, but not as hard as i did t5, well in the beginning, hopefully get some matches with bruce, since i hear he is top tier in dfw :smiley:

i’m bringin back asianavenue and blackplanet. fuck myspace

It’s not about the hate against the pad players, it’s about you and not showing up for the money match that I wanted to get against you too at Regionals on Tekken and was disappointed that you didn’t show up. So I’m giving you shit about it. This isn’t just about you not showing up for the money match between you and AsianHitler, it was also the one between you and me.

Dark Geese, I’m going to say it again, why in the world are you on SRK promoting SNK when this is a forum dedicated to Capcom. I’m not closed minded motherfucker, I just see this site mainly for Capcom players, not SNK players. If you want a site dedicated to SNK, then start one. Just quit pushing pro-SNK all over SRK. You don’t see me promoting pro-Namco all over SRK.