The Dudley Match Videos Thread

I think it’s time we had a Dudley match videos thread here in this part of the forum. Watching top players gives you a good idea of what you can do to improve your game.

Files are hosted at FileFront, and anyone is free to upload files they think are of high quality to this account. Put your clips of VictoLy, Kokujin, Erotic Teacher, Danna, Munakata, Fujiwara, Jima, 178, etc.

To start with I put some clips of VictoLy vs. Kokujin from Evo 2K4. Two of the best Dudley’s in the world in a face-off.

You can log in using this name and pass:
Username: Dudley3S
Password: guttertrash

If you add anything, post what you put up so that duplicate files are not put up.

To download the files, go here:

good stuff golden i have all the stuff from combo videos, ffa ranking battles i have 3 of them. so i guess my stuff is worthless lol. thanks for the hookup though. i’m going to increase my knowledge right now. keep it up!

i’ve really enjoyed all the videos u and the uk guys have put up… i like watching chef lol…sa2 with ryu is too hot!!

Edit: nice vids people go get these now…they are too good the 2nd one was just…rape in it’s finest form.

The Chef’s Ryu gives me nightmares. I was playing him in the last RB in my groups and almost had him but he UOH link into Shin Shoryu’d me… painful stuff :confused:. The UK’s level isn’t too great right now, Japan we certainly aren’t, but we are getting better slowly.

Anyway, I am sure a lot of people do have a lot of this stuff already, but this thread is espeically for newer players who want to learn Dudley, as this is a good resource to look at. I am just thinking that if I was to learn Dudley again from scratch, I would really appreciate a place where I could grab just Dudley stuff with lots of high-level matches. Maybe then I wouldn’t have learnt so many bad habbits!

Vic vs Daigo
Apoc vs Daigo
Fujiwara vs Georgia (Ryu)
Fujiwara vs Daimana (Yun)
Jima vs Monohmokota (Ken)
Kokujin vs MikeZ (Makoto)
Vic vs Kokujin (Dudley mirror match)

All up. We need some 178 people, so put up what you’ve got!

yeah i know what you mean about bad habits lol, i havent’ seen many of these vids. thanks man this is a good idea. you guys are pretty solid, you have tough players to get through i’m sure to make it to the “camera” games lol.

naz’s akuma is really good he seems to like, i don’t know. Put reads on people, he never builds bar, he’s just always in there face, which is how he should be played really. he has huge balls lol! keep it up man! this is a great resource like you said. i play ryu and duley and akuma so i love yalls vids and that q player was really good too in yalls’ vids.

i have a really cool match from gamenewton gonna upload it as soon as i watch fujiwara

ok i tried 3 times uploading 2 matches and everytime an error mesagge comes out telling the upload was unsuccesful :wtf:

oh btw i only found one fujiwara vid (against georgia)

i have another one, will upload it tomorrow

Yeah Filefront is really annoying sometimes with uploading, I myself tried uploading loads yesterday and everytime it had an error :sad: . However, I have now uploaded these files:

DJ-B13 - Tricks of the Trade (Dudley) - The nearest thing to a Dudley Tutorial. Oh if only Thongboy Bebop still made his videos.

RX vs Orakure.

178 vs Japanese Yellow Ken player

@ locoghoul - Who’s that Brown Dudley in your video? I have seen it before but I don’t recall the player’s name. Still he played really good in that match. Great exectuion skills display.

When I have the time I will use my video editing program to split some of my other videos apart to just get the Dudley matches, so I’ll put some more up then.

@SDouble, thanks for the feedback regarding the site. Naz is my sparring partner and yes his Akuma is an absolute beast. I am fortunate that his stun bar is low enough so that Dudley can sometimes stun with one combo, but still he plays really smart. Just the other day in the arcade I saw him do low parry,, lk. Hurricane, jab reset, KKZ combo for the win. That was nuts!

I saw him do low parry,, lk. Hurricane, jab reset, KKZ combo for the win
yeah that combo is awesome and just looks really cool lol!
you doods make great videos man!

thanks for all the vids!

178 vs pinoab7

Damn for some reason i cant download the files. I always end up on this one page where it says filefront registration. I already signed in with Dudley3S though… Theres nothing else to click… Its the same with all the files. Can somebody help me out? Thanks…

Just click on that link and then download. You don’t need to log in as Dudley3S to download the files. At the moment it says they are doing maintance on their servers and it won’t be ready till 6PM Pacific Time. So try then.

Oh yeah, and let’s have some more Dudley Vids please. Just use Microsoft Movie Maker (comes with all PC’s) to split up your match videos. If someone can put up some of the Shirube 2 stuff or older Kyushi Takais, that woudl be great.

thanks for all your work golden!!

Ohh Shit, I want those videos but the server is always busy. I need to wait a very long time.


Lol, did anyone else notice in the Victoly VS Daigo videos, Daigo starts mocking him during the second match-up.
He starts spamming MP’s like Victoly was doing to build meter.

I’ve seen Victoly do much better than that. I don’t know why he put himself on the defensive like that all the time. Every time Daigo started moving in, he’d start backing away, and he’d back away until he was all the way in the corner, and then he’d just get rushed down until he died.

dude … pls WE want to get the SBO2k4 where a dudley player beasted akuma withing 8 seconds in semi-final

Vic was probably psychologically scarred after that first match with Daigo lol. How many times do the top players manage to do this to their opponents? Too often. In that match when Vic is closing in on winning a round he eats a fierce drago, and in one round, Daigo option select down parries and punishes with a linked into shippu. When thinks like that happen to you, it messes with your mind and you get put off your game.

Which is worrying when you think that no-one on these boards has a Dudley anywhere near as good as Vic’s.

Oh yeah remember this thread is supposed to be for everyone to chip in and put up their vids. It would be nice if some of you guys contibuted.

sorry golden i have nothing to contribute lolz… i would but i got’s nothing :frowning:

and okay like we all wouldn’t play defensive against the beast…cause that mother fucker never misses a god damn super cancel…okay he does but i bet you he’s close as fuck to 97 percent accuracy.

Man when i saw that, i was like FUCK! I know that would of fucked my game all up.

^ Nah you must be used to that, playing at FFA and all. Yi Wang does that a lot on those Ranbat videos, he’s really good at it actually. In that match Vic was using it a lot, maybe too much. I do this myself I have to say, probably becasue cr.MP is a good poke and of course you can link the Corkscrew nicely afterwards. However, Daigo noticed and took advantage. After that, Vic was understandably hesitant of throwing it out again, and that let Daigo zone Vic and after that he dominated. Against Ken you got to mixup poking with st. MP and cr. MP i feel. Still Vic is really good, the more I see his matches, the more impressed I am.