The Dudley Thread



Welcome to the classiest thread of them all

The Dudley Thread!
[LEFT]Welcome to the Dudley thread! This is the home for all like minded pugilists to come and share info, videos and discuss the fine art of boxing and drinking tea. When ever I find something of interest or am shown something I will post in on of the sections of the opening post. With all of that said, KEEP IT CLASSY![/LEFT]
ver. 2013 Changes

[details=Spoiler]• MP - Frames increased by 5F for boost combos (on hit -3F/On block -7F)

  • Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • HP - Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • HK - Damage decreased 90->75
    • cr. MP - Frames increased by 5F for boost combos (on hit -4F/On block -8F)
  • Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • cr. MK - Startup decreased from 10F->7F
  • Increased hold over from 3F->5F
  • Hurt box reduced
    • Diagonal Jump HK - Damage decreased from 100->80
    • - Decreased hold over from 10F->7F
    • Dart Shot - Decreased block stun by 4F (On block -4F)
    • M Jet Upper - Damage decreased from 140->120
  • Decreased airborne combo count
  • Decreased block stun by 4F
  • Decreased screen freeze by 4F
  • Push back on block reduced
    • H Jet Upper - Increased airborne combo count
  • Damage decreased from 160->120
    • Short Swing Blow (including EX) - Added invincibility attribute to throws
  • Removed hurt box on the head and torso during Super Charge
  • EX Cross Counter: overall tweaked to make it easier to connect with.
    • Rolling Thunder - Easier to transition to lock animation when move hits an airborne opponent
    Special move meter gain
    • Jet Upper (L & M): whiff 15->10
    • Jet Upper (H): whiff 15->10
    • Machinegun Blow (L): whiff 15->10
    • Machinegun Blow (M): whiff 15->10/on hit 10×4(40)->8×4(32)
    • Machinegun Blow (H): whiff 15->10/on hit 10×6(60)->8×6(48)
    • Cross Counter: whiff 15->10
    • Duck: whiff 10->5
    • Ducking Straight: whiff 5->10/on hit 30->40
    • Ducking Upper: whiff 5->10/on hit 20×2(40)->15×2(30)
    • Thunderbolt: on hit 20×2(40)->15×3(45)
    • Short Swing Blow: whiff 15->0/on hit 30->50[/details]

NOTE~ I have been gone from SFxTK for a long time. I just recently started playing it again so that is why this thread has gone untouched for a while.




Dudley, in 3rd Strike, had juggles and 50/50 mix-ups out the ass, in Street Fighter IV he had significantly less of these. The question I pose to you gentlemen is this, how do you think Dudley’s play-style will fare in the Street Fighter x Tekken engine? I personally believe it will be almost as good as his 3rd Strike iteration, albeit a little less ridiculous (or maybe more!).


Please Capcom give us back L MGB Juggle combos.
They are one of my favorite combos to perform because they make me feel good as a person


SFxT is about juggles, tagging and juggling some more. At least thats what it seems like in the streams I’ve seen, so Dudley’s play-style (which already has nice juggles in AE2012) will be top-notch mix-ups. I am not touching SFxT until Dudley is on the roster menu so let 'em have their silly juggles cuz once this fancy-mustache-tea-drinking-jawbreaking gentleman hits the scene, juggling will never look so classy.


I also wish we would get rose mix ups on wake up but maybe that is asking too much.
Still I’m hyped as hell


I am happy to see all of you guys feel the same way I do, Dudley should be amazing in this engine!


Hopefully we can see the return of his Third Strike cr.:hk: juggles. You could only do, what, 3 in a combo max in SSFIV?


Yeah, it was only 3, and it was an extremely tight timing at that.


the combination of Dudley and Steve will be amazing in my opinion!!


Dudley/Balrog is gonna be sweet.


They can give him back Rose as everyone has roll on wake up. So they may as well


Get out of my thread, what you say is heresy!!! JK


A Refined Gentleman and a Savage Brute, they would make an awesome sitcom.


i wonder what will be the conversation between dudley and steve???


Steve: Sorry but I’m the best boxer in england Puts hand on Dudley’s shoulder
Dudley: CROSS COUNTAH! Punch




oh sweet lord my dream of a Steve/Dudley team can come true now. the best in british boxing vs the world. btw the Sakura thread has a couple of dudley gameplay videos


Dudley & Steve…here we go!! :smiley:


I want a hacked video of dudley =[

We got it for other characters come onnnnn