The dumbing down of Scrabble - proper nouns to be allowed

FUCK, this makes me so fucking angry. I know this thread will be relevent to maybe five people here, but to those five people, this is a HUGE shock. Scrabble soon to allow proper nouns in gameplay:

I just can’t get over it. Almost literally anything will be a word; can’t you just claim it’s someone’s name? Everything is technically a name. WTF will happen to the Scrabble Dictionary? Will there be separate versions of the game?

This royally pisses me off because I am planning to play in my first tournament soon, and with these new rules ANYONE can win. God, I’m so upset. I am just getting very good at this game and they say fuck you to the entire concept? Why even have Scrabble anymore? Holy shit I am so mad.

Not only that…

“Worse still, not only will the names of places, trademarks and people be permissible, but even words spelled backwards or placed unconnected to other pieces.”

… it’s not even a game anymore if the words are unconnected. Hello, it’s everyone’s favorite CROSSWORD game for a reason.

that is not change I can believe in.

Wow that actually is pretty fucking stupid. It’s like they just wanted to add a Calvinball aspect to Scrabble… I’m totally using Calvinball the next time I play.

“Worse still, not only will the names of places, trademarks and people be permissible, but even words spelled backwards or placed unconnected to other pieces.”

What the FUCK? It’s like I could just throw all my letters on the board and wherever they land, I score. “OH SHIT! MY X LANDED ON THE TRIPLE WORD SCORE BOX!! INSTANT WIN!”

Good thing I stopped playing Scrabble when I was like 14, or this would get me legitimately pissed off…


Chuck Woolery is displeased.

Even Scrabble is dumbing down its inputs. THIS IS WHAT SF4 HAS WROUGHT CAPCOM!

lolwut? I can imagine the first few turns of a game now: high-scoring proper nouns, all placed on triple word score zones. sigh…fuck that.

EDIT: Actually, looks like the article may be a bit misrepresentative of what is actually going on, saw this in comments on the page:

"Your news article relating to a proposed rule change in Scrabble is almost entirely inaccurate and misrepresents the facts. Here is a statement from the Association of British Scrabble Players issued this morning:

6th April 2010

STATEMENT: Proposed rule changes for new Scrabble spin-off

The ABSP has been contacted by several news associations looking for comment on Mattel’s decision to launch a Scrabble spin-off game later in the year which will allow capitalised pronouns and other rule variations such as playing words backwards.

We would like to make it clear that these rule changes only relate to a new Scrabble brand product which will be available in shops in time for Christmas. The original Scrabble game is entirely unaffected.

Further clarification can be obtained from Mattel’s Scrabble representative, Philip Nelkon, on 01628 500283 or through the ABSP Publicity Officer, Stewart Holden, who can be reached on 07971 634098.

Read more:

So it sounds like they’re actually making a new product.

They also have a change in the works that increases your multiplier everytime someone spells a word on you increasing your chance of having a comeback if you’re down a lot.

SFIV is really fucking shit up.

This is really fucking stupid. I mean I don’t even play scrabble and this is fucking ridiculous. I doubt any real tournament would accept these rules.

The country is dumbing down and so are its complicated games. Complicated, of course, refers to games that require you to do more than push a hoop with a stick down a dirt road. No surprise, but a damn shame.

Yo, this is fucked up. Seriously. This is worse than Speed Uno.

Super Scrabble Bros.: Brawl

Q and X are now banned.

Taunts 3 times

I love how the spokesmen use the word ‘quirks’ to describe the new rules. The game has changed. It is no longer Scrabble. The word ‘quirk’ grossly under performs in this instance.

Final Destination

Thankfully, it appears that these rules are only going to be applicable in the new spin-off game that Mattel is coming out with. I would agree, however, that if these rules were to come into the mainstream version of the game (which has national/international tournaments), then it would be pretty fucked up. Scrabble has always been one of those games I love to play; except, it’s pretty difficult to find people with a large vocabulary offline (thank heavens for online versions of the game).

I still don’t understand as to why there’s an unknown (‘unwritten’) rule when it comes to modern day society, especially in gaming (board games especially). It’s almost expected to make an easier version of the game for adults as well now. I could understand things like … a Junior version of the game (note: for children). But, in modern day, people are feeling left out because games like “Scrabble” (or Go/Chess) are for those with a higher intellect. Keep it that way, you can be ‘stupid’ and still enjoy playing Scrabble. Just don’t play against someone that has a larger vocabulary than you do.

…is worth 70 points total (8 for Final, 62 for Destination).

Scrabble that allows proper nouns this is going to cause quite a quizibuck.

I’ll stick with boggle.

“I’m the king of boggle there is none higher, I gets 11 points off the word quagmire” - MCA, the Beastie Boys.

i lolled fucking hard :rofl: