The Dungeon Defenders Thread

This thread is for discussion of the PC, X-Box, and PS3 versions of Dungeon Defenders.

Dungeon Defenders is now available on Steam!

So far I’ve been having a blast playing this game. It seriously could give crack lessons on how to be addictive. I would describe it as a hybrid of Diablo and your classic Tower Defense. The leveling system is pretty cool and item drop systems, though a bit flawed imo, is still fun. I beat the game solo before trying the multi and I gotta say, the multiplayer is a lot of fun as long as you’re playing with people who aren’t assholes and work together.

Speaking of playing with friends, add Galactic on Steam, and let’s get some Dungeon Defenders games going.

EDIT: If there is a good number of DD players here and if I have time I will periodically edit this post with everyone’s steam handles if you feel like posting them.


Yeah I’m playing this game a bit too much right now…


Well, me and 2 other friends were looking for a fun co-op game. Is the leveling system not that important? I noticed that the 2nd place guy is only level 37 while the one below him is 60. I can’t recognize the class emblem but I am going to assume that the classes aren’t really balanced.

I agree, this game is pretty badass.

The leveling system is very important. The RPG elements are first and foremost. My Huntress would be terrible without levels, but becomes awesome when I spec into her traps and mines. The guy in 2nd place was probably a squire. Until a recent patch, their damage traps were completely ridiculous.

Is it like mmo grinding though? I would hate for us to keep grinding waves after waves just so we can level up.

It’s Diablo-style grinding. So yeah, waves after waves. But really the leveling isn’t all too bad. You can level pretty quickly if you play on higher difficulties.

My suggestion would be to level a Squire to lvl 15, which should take like an hour or two at most, then use the Slice n Dice tower to beat the first level on Insane difficulty. Each time you do you’ll jump a few levels in like 5 minutes.

All the classes are fun, but the Squire is currently the most OP class. They’ll probably have to nerf-bat him soon.


Yeah squire is pretty damn good. I just got mine to lvl 70! Gonna work on a Huntress next after I save up 15 million mana to buy that epic pet… Only 11 million to go!

Heh - the game is a lot of fun. One of my younger brothers gifted it to me recently and it’s been a blast.
SuperHubbz on steam. It’s nice to get a break from League of Legends :3

Squire to 15 is probably the best advice for anyone. Drop (almost any) tower with the squire on good choke points. Swap hero. Profit.
Cool to see the TF pets and the portal gun.

I think I’m building pure of every class. Also - does someone know how to unlock the other two classes? :3

My friends and I have been playing this since it came out last week. Great game.

Steam Handle is Spooty. I’m the one with the Dust Man avatar.

Leveling is definitely important, but you can get a good score even with a low level. You just have to play really well.

Squire is good, but I don’t think he is OP. Other turret combinations are just as broken, while costing the same (or less) as a Slice n’ Dice. Besides, the old “place a Squire turret and wait for victory” doesn’t work on the later Insane levels (or so I hear).

You can level your Character, your Equipment, and your Pet. So, there is plenty of customization. Grinding isn’t as bad as it sounds, because you’ll hit a decent level while just playing through the game’s content. Insane levels give a TON of XP.

P.S. The Lead Designer is offering $500 to the first person/people who can finish Insane Survival Wave 30 on any level. He said it should take about 8 hours if it is at all possible.

wish this didn’t come out when I have so much to play, I saw a trailer on PSN a while back and it looked like it could be fun, and the consensus from you all is that it is fun so I really want to get it. Gonna have to wait a while on this one though.

They are going to be DLC. Not sure if it will be free or not. There have been two more classes shown in concept art.

DLC maps are going to be on the way as well. Some of them will definitely be free. Not sure if all will be.

Can PS3 owners play with PC players? I’ve heard that this is possible but I want to check.

Not yet. Cross-platform play will be included in an update.

Ah - cool thanks. Guess I can keep on working on what I’ve got then :smiley:

So far I can’t decide which class I enjoy playing more, so I keep switching between the 4 main classes. Got a lvl 45 Apprentice, 55 Squire, 34 Huntress and 28 Monk. I lvl’d the squire mainly because his towers are just plain better than the others right now, but after respeccing, my huntress does insane DPS to rows of targets and can effectively shut down a lane all by herself. Right now my Piercing shot does 3200+ damage to rows of enemies, and she’s only lvl 34.

Tip: When investing in weapons for huntress, ALWAYS BOOST THE BASE DAMAGE as the base damage effects your piercing shot. Piercing shot will be where the bulk of your mana usage will go into during waves if you’re not upgrading other people’s towers. Going invis near a tower and repairing it as needed is vital to being a good huntress, so be on the lookout for dying towers. Also, relying on elemental damage is a sure fire way of failing on harder levels.

So far IMO the Huntress traps are the worst of the “towers” but she makes up for it by having the best dps if specc’d properly. The monk + apprentice combo can be pretty beastly (Magic Barrier is totally underrated and under-utilized by noobs. Barrier sitting in an Electric Aura by a tower specc’d monk = destroyed lane.) and the squire is… well, the squire. He’s ST Akuma right now. He can do everything, and many things better than anyone else, and unlike the elemental type damage monk and apprentice rely on, no enemies are immune to Squire towers.


i LOVE this game. It’s a fucking steal @ 15 bucks.

I’m mainly playing a Tower Based Monk, on XBL. Hit me up, I’m also playing alts but primarily trying to cap the Monk for grouping.

You are playing on Open servers. You need to switch to Ranked. Open servers are not watched for hacking/cheating. In fact, they exist specifically so people can hack and mod. Also, you cannot get Achievements unless you play Ranked.

The first Event is next week. Events can only be played on Ranked servers. Events bring exclusive Unique items that are only available during the event. I’m not sure if this Event will give items, but I know that it will give Halloween costumes for the characters. I’ve only seen the Monk’s, which is a devil-saryr.

so glad a thread for this game was made. i agree this game is such a steal, i am so addicted to this game.

also why do so many people want squires to be nerfed or anything to be nerfed? were all on the same side here, i dont really see whats the point. if they really were OP then someone would have those 500 bucks right now.

I went from 33 to 70 tonight in a couple of hours. Doing Ramparts on Insane is stupid easy, while almost literally giving your one level per wave until you hit 70.

Will get it if EU PSN has it this week.
How’s the ‘lag’ for the online?