The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


Before some *** that fell off the GameFaqs shortbus comes in here and tries to correct me, yes, I’m well aware it’s not called “Gundam Warriors”, but the real US name is fucking retarded and we all know what I’m talking about.

Anyways, I’ve been pumped as hell for DWG2 lately, so as a result I bought Samurai Warriors 2 for 360 and just now finished unlocking everyone but Ranmaru. Mitsuhide’s stealth mission is making me want to put my balls in a blender.

Also, did anyone actually like the combat system in DW6? Or like DW6 in general? I feel like a sucker, but I’m actually really wanting DW6 Empires… :shake:

I know it’s still the Renbu system… But c’mon, it’s Empires, which means it rocks so HORD, and the CAW looks like it’s gonna be gdlk.



this poll loses for lack of ronin warriors.

in before: quake with fear


admittedly, dynasty warriors gundam was a terrible game, and I would not have bought it if it did not have gundam in the title (long time gundamaniac)

that said, no game has ever intoxicated me like that game. Easily one of the most addictive titles ive ever played. i played that game like i had the devil in me for a solid month. good times.

and for the sequel, it looks like they actually tried to make a good game. combo system and graphics, along with AI look vastly superior to the first one. cant wait.

edit: white womenz ftw (im black so you already know what it is)


Hahaha…I was gonna make a thread about Koei Warriors.

I haven’t really played the PS# games yet, but I’ve heard mainly that DW6 felt like a rushed game to get to the PS3/360.

I mean…Guan Ping w/ Lu Meng movesets? I was heartbroken.

Well obviously I became a WArriors fan, and got at least one Warriors game for all my systems except the Wii.

I might even get DW6 for the PS2 just because…

Anyway, I’m hyped for:

DW6: Empires
DW Gundam 2
DW Strikeforce
Warriors Orochi Z (PS3)

What I Have:
Dynasty Warriors 4
Dynasty Warriors 5:XL
Dynasty Warriors Advance
Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighters Battle
Warriors Orochi - hype game!
Samurai Warriors 2/XL
Dynasty Warriors 6
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

maxx: are you fuckin serious?


Samurai Warriors 2 is my favorite game in the franchise. Fleshed out story mode for basically every character and great stages.

The games are not very good, but at the same time are addicting. Some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard, ugly graphics (even DW6 doesn’t look that good) and braindead AI. Yet I keep playing them and buying more of them.

I don’t think anyone actually liked DW6. They cut way too many characters out of it and had way too many characters with identical movesets. Just a really lazy entry overall. I did like some of the character redesigns, though. Its the first Dynasty game where its not 50% giant dudes with massive amounts of facial hair and 49% androgynous and/or young dudes with ponytails and 1% Cao Cao.

DW: Gundam is the only Warriors game I haven’t played. For some reason it never drops in price used for the 360.

Samurai Warriors 3 (praying it is multiplatform and not Wii exclusive) is the only upcoming Warriors game I’m really looking forward to. May get Orochi Z too, if they add enough new stuff. Or a bikini outfit for Ginchiyo and Nu Wa :coffee:


Wow, this is handy. I JUST got DW6 yesterday, and I wanted to dig up the old thread, but this is better. This is the first DW game I’m actually playing hardcore, and I know most people will probably call me a nub for this, but I’m really liking the Renbu system.

I’m DEFINATELY hype for Gundam 2 though. Always meant to pick up the first one, but never did. I’m really just waiting for 3’s inevitable release though, so I can get some fucking 00 mechs.



not one bit but since this is a versus thread its gonna get locked…might as have fun while i can.


It’s not…it’s about the Koei “Warriors” games.


Pretty much. Everyone’s saying the first was basically a beta for the sequel.

Wait, just to clarify, you have or you haven’t played DW6?

But yeah, personally I felt Orochi was just too much… But I probably ought to go back and give it another go, cuz I played it when I had to many other games to play.

Also I’m pretty iffy on Strike Force… The styling looks badass, but it doesn’t really look to play like a Warriors game AT All. Guess I should just wait till I get my hands on it to say anymore.


I haven’t played DW6…but I own a copy.
If I had my PS3 hooked up I’d be all over DW6 and Gundam.
I mean, my main gife about the game I have based on what I have seen/read about it is that Guan Ping has a Halbred and Ling Tong is without his nunchaku…I called BS.
DW5 I think had the best movesets for everyone.

Keep in mind, I think that Strikeforce was made to be more like a multiplayer party game. I mean it’s okay for Japan (I heard Warriors games are like GODLY over there)…but I know NO ONE in my area that likes these games like I do.

I mean I didn’t even know there’s a Dynasty Warriors online MMO…fuckin sweet.


The first Orochi is really good, the 2nd not so much. The second is basically just the first one with the Samurai Warriors 2 XL characters thrown in + 7 new characters. And a new stage or two. Very few gameplay enhancements. Feels more like a mod to the PC version of the first game than a true sequel.

The focus is entirely on the “new” characters to Orochi2 and the rest of the cast is kind of left out for the most part in the story. Theres a nice mix and more interesting story in the first one.

With the 3 person team mechanic still in there, though, Orochi2 is still fun to play.


I’m so glad they haven’t brought that over here. That shit would seriously end my life. :lol:

Hey, atleast someone is. This gives me hopes that maybe I can learn to like it in Empires 6. :lol:

… How did you find this site if you can’t read?

Yeah, the 2nd was like exactly the same thing. It wasn’t actually made to be a sequel, though, the just added the 2 when they brought it over here.

Speaking of SW2 XL, what exactly did they add in that?


Its like all the other XL games, just an expansion pack for the main game. More characters and stages. SW2 XL has 6 new characters, a new mode called Mercenary Mode, the level cap is raised from 50 to 70 and 5th weapons are added.

The new characters are pretty cool (2 of them are special NPCs from SW2 that just had generic movesets in SW2 Empires, they gave them unique weapons/movesets for XL…Katsuie and Kojiro, if you remember either of them). Worth 30 dollars, though? That depends on how much you love Samurai Warriors 2. You can download it from the Xbox Live Marketplace for the 360.


“Welcome to China” BGM = Best thing about DW6 :lol:

Warriors Orochi is dope, combines everything I love about both series into one game. Making some the SW2 characters’ most fun/abusive moves require meter (i.e. Ginchiyo & Kenshin) is my only gripe. Long as they give me a WO3 they can experiment all they want with the main DW/SW games from now on.

Although completely different, I also liked Bladestorm. It really was just a glorified rock-paper-scissors, but it was a great time-sink. Unlike the Musou games, it was a lot harder to try going solo w/ only your squad.


I like Samurai Warriors. I only played the first on ps2. I like Dynasty Warriors too, but I want ninjas in my game. I’ve only played 1,3 and 6 in they Dynasty Warriors series. I can’t wait for Orochi Z.


i played dynasty warriors 4 and had fun, but i heard that all of the sequels are exactly the same.


The series is much more enjoyable if you learn to enjoy the music.



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Sengoku Basara > Any Warriors game.