The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


So DW9 not too hot? I been craving a Dynasty Warriors and was gonna buy 8 on my pc months ago, but decided to hold out until 9, but if the game is jank or etc either i’ll not buy it and just get 8


Of course assfinity votes down my post because God forbid someone has a different opinion than her shilling ass. Making me wish Po could be traded for her.

P.S. I watched like an hour of gameplay of DW9 just to be sure. Yeah I’m definitely skipping it. Game is way too redundant for my liking.


Yeah…get 8.
But know that the DW8CE PC has no multiplayer.


oh yea you have right to opinion, but not pushing your negative opinion as “fact” .

oh yea sure be sheep to traitorous closed minded idiots like Jim who is too old fashioned to accept new age Dynasty Warriors,
a new hybrid DW that is not intended to be old school hack n slash stage based format.

those so called “fans” are an insult to a franchise that desperately needs change and innovation and more immersive foundation, which DW9 is doing right for the most part.

Sterling is an example of a fan that’s too old school to accept anything different. they totally fail to see DW9 as a great thing.
DW9 would have just been another FIFA if it was a DW8.3

even Zelda fans don’t spit on their soup no matter how it’s served and no matter how flawed and empty their latest game is.
I’m sure much of the internet vultures are BOTW fanatics disguised as DW fans.

well its understandable to stay away from DW9 until after the patch fix they having coming.

but those not ok with DW9 style regardless of framerate, are missing out.


At least they are working on a fix for the lag issues…



Patch for PS4 is live…the other platforms are being looked to.


Aside from that…the gameplay for DW9 should be running smoother


1.03 greatly improves framerate!! its so stable and smooth compared to how it was!!

of course it still dips when like there is literally hundreds of soldiers in view, but hey, they are pushing current gen hardware to the max with open world + graphics that more detailed and realistic than BOTW + realtime weather + realtime action + dozens to hundreds more soldiers in view than even AAA open world games have.


Lots of more friends are getting Dynasty Warriors 9! guess the patch convinced them! It’s so nice seeing the framerate performance being higher than the launch build.
it is strange Koei left out that graphics setting from regular PS4 when the older hardware needs that setting more than PS4 Pro does. Well I guess it’s just lack of experience, lack of finalized PS4 testing, and maybe too many PS4 Pros in their dev studio spoiled the team into overlooking the performance on normal PS4. cause there’s no way they would approve the game’s build if they saw how it performs on PS4 beforehand. perhaps they had seperate teams. or you know what, maybe their QA only tested the game on PS4 Pro and the feedback just came back positive and they assume PS4, but yea that was quite a speedbump. even though the framerate is fixed a day later, first impressions are important to the merciless critics. and it seems like there was lack of communication, cause if someone in the company said “hey, the action mode graphics framerate stabilization setting should be in regular versions of the consoles so that the framerate can better in case the default framerrate is unacceptable to the masses”. they could have then ENTIRELY avoided the framerrate riots. Ah well, there are mainstream games that had rough launches too (including mmorpgs. FFXIV took like a month before the traffic was decent enough that people could actually log in and play it).


I have never seen overwhelmingly negative on steam before…lol


I expect it to change over time once Omega Force throws them patch fixes.

Still don’t understand why they would remove the Chinese dubbing from the Steam version…even when there is a huge Chinese player base on Steam.


wait what? they removed the Chinese dubs, which exist on the english version of PS4, from the PC version?
that is so strange.

and the Graphics: Action setting knowledge should become common knowledge since people don’t even realize that
they are still playing in the lower performance setting (movie mode). Koei should inform the public better about the patch,
even make a trailer about it so people know that Destination Guide set to off, and Graphics mode set to Action, can greatly improve the framerate even on regular PS4. they should make a how to guide trailer for improved framerate. and they should add the setting to Xbox One asap as well.

that would help more people have a smoother experience


More salt on the wound…


Holy fuck this game is unplayable on pc


A start…


Dynasty Warriors 9 is ultimate amazing!!

the haters are just underrating it and following viral hate trends

so right.

of course true Dynasty Warriors fans that want the series to evolve, appreciate Dynasty Warriors 9. :slight_smile: I dunno how even PC gamers can complain, they can tweak it so they can play at 60 fps. they reduce the graphics, but hey, on all platforms it looks great, even at 30 fps.


I have the game set on absolute minimum and I get consistent drops to 15fps…
.I can run the witcher 3 at 60fps…vs a ps3 looking empty open world horse riding simulator.
Troll better please…


assfinity wrote:

Please explain to the masses how you let this idea pass through your head and thought that it made even a modicum of sense. :coffee:


Idk if this addresses the PC fps issues at all.