The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


The DW6 weapons route they are taking with 9 is starting to irk me…

Has anyone picked up allstars? Thoughts?


Bruh I’ve been called this Shit… It is what it is at this point


Supposedly each of the characters are going to have their own distinct moveset…so I’m gonna wait until I see some more gameplay footage.


people in ancient china basically used the same standard weapons and martial arts disciplines in warfare.
generally swords, spears and bows that rarely differ in appearance and use.

DW9 is more natural having clone weapons/movesets, it makes it a little more authentic to the Record of the Three Kingdoms, which Dynasty Warriors is based on, and warriors in ancient china really don’t display noticable differences in how they use a weapon, or differences in the type of weapon used.

complaining about cloned weapons/movesets in DW, is like people in the modern military complaining about clone guns, as well as the same procedures and methods of using standard firearms, knives and other weapons.

the ones complaining about cloned movesets in DW, just have yet to grow up, and out of the over the top swiss army knife of weapon variety and movesets.

even Fire Emblem fanbase is more mature in comparison, and their weapons and moves are very limited, basically sword, spear, axe and book, with a few others, but generally a basic weapon triangle with little to no variations of differences in how each character wields a weapon, no generally no one has a weapon type exclusive to them. and same weapon category wielders generally have the same attack animations.

so at this point, Fire Emblem is more natural and mature than Dynasty Warriors been doing with weapons and movesets.


Ah so it was you. I remembered someone here said it but I couldn’t remember who.


its so great they are adding more visible townspeople in towns!! So epic!! more immersive and alive!

also, ultra rare Diaochan concept art

the state combo system really is innovating and improving the combat in lots of ways, as well as other gameplay aspects!!
DW9 is raising the standards!!


Can we talk about Jia Chong getting one of the worst and boring weapons of DW8? Throwing axes weren’t even that fancy, come on!


Results for the semifinals…


Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017

[*] 0:45 - Lyn reveal


I really hope there is a valid justification on Omega Force’s side for the weapon sharing this time around…although Deng Ai’s axe looks great.


DW9 having shared weapon types is justified.

greater workload of creating open world from scratch
new gameplay foundation
new graphics,
new engine especially made for PS4,
having to remake assets,
over 90 playable characters,
brand new reformed combat system, new state combo system that can change depending on the enemy current condition/action
aim to make the characters a little more realistic = less ridiculous weapons = less types of weapons. fans of Record of the Three Kingdoms wouldn’t have a problem with it. in that period, most generals/officers used just a standard sword/spear/bow anyways. and even those that wield a spear/bow commonly can have a sword as backup.

it’s really asking too much expecting unique weapon per character. even a single player game requires testing and balancing
. balancing and providing enough content, movesets (that are adapted to the state combo system) and upgrades for 90+ types of weapons would be a nightmare.


So early 2018 it is…


Xiahou Dun’s Musou looks tame. And full of invisible hitboxes. I didn’t really like it.


hit boxes are invisible…


… You do realize that was a metaphor, right?

In DW8, his Musou actually had the giant blue ripple things, so you had an idea of where you could hit with it. Now it’s just the animation with barely noticeable effects, which can be troublesome in more chaotic situations.

So basically, you can’t really know where you’re hitting unless you memorized the range beforehand. And you don’t even have a training mode or something like that. Therefore “Invisible hitboxes”.


TGS event revealed Guo Jia (Bo/Staff), Zhou Tai (Curved Sword), Guan Yinping (Wolf Teeth Mace), and Sima Yi (War Fan)…


Hey, Zhou Tai wasn’t nerfed!

…I-I mean, had his weapon changed!

I don’t know what’s that thing Yinping’s carrying, but I want to whack people with it.


It’s basically the same weapon Xiahou Dun had in the DW6 series…and what Pang De has in DW8 series.

So it’s 50/50 Yinping will share that weapon with Pang De in DW9.

I find it kind of odd that KT didn’t debut a brand new playable character during their TGS presentation.

I actually like this.


That’s that in regards to movesets…most aren’t happy.


Some off screen DW9 gameplay…