The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


Cao Xiu…Cao Cao’s nephew is playable.

Xun Yu get throwing knives

Zhu Ran gets Bo.


Cao Xiu? Dude has one memorable battle and he gets straight rekt in it. They couldn’t find someone better?


Fire Emblem Musou opening…


New info on the latest character reveals…


Cao Xiu with the fan sword

Yueying now has the Pike

Xun Yu now has the throwing knives

Zhu Ran now has the Bo

Jiang Wei retains his Dual Trident

Zhuge Dan now gets the War Fan

Wen Yang now has the “Longtou Dazhadao”

If Wen Yang has been compared to Zhao Yun…why not give him the Spear?


DW9 is shaping up to be the most mature, immersive and realistic mainline musou game ever!! (well outside the latest Empires games)

and its great the weapon choices for the characters are closer to realism categories instead of Bleach shikai style.

Dynasty Warriors 9 really is raising the standards for the series in a lot of aspects!! now if only the whiny shallow fanbase grew up instead of calling the characters “clones”. Soldiers and warriors use standard weapons, instead of trying to be some special snowflake with a weapon and moveset only he/she has. So it’s better for more weapons and martial arts disciplines to be shared.


I can understand the shared weapons, even though some choices are as bizarre as JoJo, but moveset clones are just lame.
It wouldn’t hurt to have some different normals as a sign of individuality.


DW9 update…


Lu Meng keeps his polearm

Xu Shu now has the same sword as Cao Cao

Jia Xu keeps his chain and sickle

Cao Ren now has the flail again


Hard to tell if it’s Clone Warriors or Nerfed Warriors.

The shield wasn’t that out of place, come on! They just changed it because it was pretty busted!!!


Speaking of shields why has TK never made a character with an Axe & Shield weapon? We’ve had Sword & Shield and Mace & Shield but never Axe & Shield. That would’ve been awesome.


Where’s all of the good fire emblem characters


Kittens above gravity confirmed


DLC Characters besides former NPCs Owain, Navarre, Oboro & Niles confirmed, namely from Shadow Dragon, Fates & Awakening. Fun fact, most of us were informed that Azura wasn’t included on base roster. Seems too many DLC dancer-based female warriors besides Azura like Tharja, Olivia & Linde there, & Minerva is the exception from this list, as she seems to be a bold female warrior like Oboro.

If only Path of Radiance, & other Gaiden/Echoes & Blazing Blade characters are part of DLCs following Lyndis & Celica. On my opinion about the reasons for Radiance & Blade besides Lyn’s playability, is also because commonly Shadow Dragon’s main role in the main storyline, meaning Eliwood may take place his son Roy instead.


To be honest…I’m more miffed about Xu Shu losing his hood than his unique weapon.


February 8 confirmed


Xin Xianying reveal


Not sure why KT would put Xin Xianying in the Wei roster instead of the Jin roster…her notable exploits happen after Cao Cao/Early Jin.


With confirmation that there will be scenarios for Wei with Cao Pi as Emporer of Wei…I can see why KT would leave Xin Xianying in the Wei roster.


Xin Xianying with the Polearm.

Taishi Ci and Xu Huang keep the Iron Rods and Great Axe respectively.

Pang Tong retains the Shadow Fan while Liu Shan gets back the Rapier…and Chen Gong now has the Chain and Sickle

About time…


The finals poll is finally here…


Wang Yuanji has a higher chance of getting more votes, so I’ll vote for her instead of Diao Chan.


Lu Bu THE BEAST in the West…