The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


Of course Lu Bu wins.


TBH I thought Wang Yuanji was going to win it…


the poll was rigged. the sexists and misogynists got all their relationship rejects on the internet (even those that dont even play videogames)
to boost all the guys votes so both women are 4th and 5th place.
sexism and misogyny is even more fanatically common than racism on the internet.

anyways it’s just a videogame poll for a niche series, people will still choose their preferred favorites.
but still, the obsession for male glorification and belittlement of females, really is unhealthy and insane to what extent misogynists go.
their spite towards females is giving rise to more homosexuality overall.




ok, let’s say its not a conspiracy, it doesn’t make sense

Zhao Yun couldn’t have beaten Wang Yuanji in the poll, also notice there are less total votes than the individual faction votes.
even in the Others poll, Lu Bu has about less than half the votes in the finals poll. it’s like most people didn’t bother to participate in the Finals voting.

grrr, Zhao Yun is still overrated. I’ll let Zhou Tai and Lu Bu slide, but no one sick of Zhao Yun would want him even in the top 3.
and I’m not sexist. I didn’t expect Diao Chan to win the poll at all. and knew she was would less votes than Wang Yuanji since historically, Wang Yuanji is real, while Diao Chan is somewhat of a mix of fiction and based on an unrecorded person during that era. history can’t record every detail and person with accuracy, to this day it’s still questioned what motivated Lu Bu to kill Dong Zhou.

but anyways, to be fair, the top 5 finalists is still pretty varied and ok they all made it to the finals. that’s a lot more than what the least voted in the others polls got.


Dynasty Warriors producer Akihiro Suzuki saw the Western Poll results…


grrr they shouldn’t generalize western tastes!

I mean at least acknowledge that two female characters made it to the top five out of almost 90 characters! two females beating the majority of strong males in the poll, should not be overlooked.

and Wang Yuanji won the Jin poll! that counts for something and is another example that western tastes are wider that they should be aware of.
and the poll really should not determine what is the single preferred popular character design from western masses.
the poll results really should not deter them from how they plan out rosters, designs and stuff. every character matters.
and they should continue to value all types of chinese character designs for the series, and types of playable characters added to the selection.

anyways here’s concept art


Pretty much stating that Omega Force is working on the next installment of Samurai Warriors…but don’t expect an announcement until mid 2018.

I hope they will finally add Hideyori Toyotomi…still odd to me that he was almost completely omitted from Spirit of Sanada.


I want that Zhao Yun DLC…


New looks for returning characters…


Cai Wenji now has shares the whip

Ding Feng gets back the gauntlets

Wei Yan keeps the double bladed Voulge

Zuo Ci now has the Shaman Rod…I’ll miss the flying cards.

Mac Tonight keeps the Shaman Rod.


Looks good so far. Just give me the king and his sexy wife and I’ll be content.


they should include the chinese dubs in all versions, at least as a VA language option.

leaving it out of the western versions is the same thing as cutting content and censorship.


My nigga Wei Yan’s design is slick as fuck plus he has his double voulge.

First day purchase confirmed.


The original games don’t even have Chinese language options, so it’s not cutting content or censorship at all.


So that’s that in terms of new characters…at least until an expansion.


Damn Cheng Pu looks just like fucking Sun Ce.


Cheng Pu is the old man. You’re thinking of Xu Sheng.


Yeah him too


If that is the Great Wall…looks quite good.


New info on returning DW charactewrs…


Bao Sanniang now has the Mandarin Duck Hooks

Guan Suo gets back the Nukchaku

Apparently they are married in DW9…

Pang De keeps the Wolf Teeth Mace

Zhang Chunhua now has the iron whip sword

Han Dang keeps the Short Pike

I’m actually okay with this…

…as long as mirco-transactions are not needed to get ultimate weapons.