The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread


Bao Sanniang looks like she was the victim of a Babality but only got it halfway. WTF Koei…


Guess the feedback of her looking like a whore got to them.


What the hell does this even mean


oh come on, just because Bao Sanniang has a cute face and doesn’t make her look like a child. and her costume is unique.
sure, with such a huge redesign of her costume, her upper body covered in cloth, may overwhelm and visibly seem like her face is smaller, but she is still correctly proportioned.
I guess if you just base on her face portrait from the neck up, it’s understandable someone might have trouble determining her age, but look at her shoulders, she still looks like an adult. she’s just very cute and very pretty. but she still doesn’t look like a baby or even halfway,

she still looks like a young adult


New gameplay footage…

Zhao Yun

Xin Xianying

Cheng Pu


New DW9 character vids…

Lu Bu


Xu Sheng

Xiahou Yuan

Xiahou Dun[/details]


it seems a couple other returning characters reveals, and then launch the month after!!


Update on returning characters for DW9…


Meng Huo now has the Gauntlets

Zhurong retains the Boomerang…but it’s rumored to share the same moveset as the fan sword.

Li Dian now uses the Guandao.

Lu Su retains the Rake.

Huang Zhong now has the Dao.

Character vids:


Man Chong

Zhou Yu


Guan Yu

Xiahou Ba


Cao Ren without his armor looks weird to me…[/details]


I dont care about shared weapons or movesets. I’m equipping everyone with either a decent sized sword or spear weapon anyways
first chance the weapon shop and weapon changing is available. the series is better off without over the top weapons, and better with a more realistic arsenal of weapons.
that way, the series could evolve into a better deeper fighting system and smarter a.i. like For Honor’s.


So if my math is correct and if we are really only getting 6 new characters for DW9 (for Vanilla at least) then adding the 83 characters playable as of 8 Empires would bring the total to 89 total playable characters (good God that’s a lot) and with the 80 shown in the video and the five Geese just showed that leaves only 4 characters left to show (Yue Jin, Zhong Hui, Fa Zheng, and Lianshi).

Edit: Why do they have the homie Meng Huo looking like Kamala and RAE Mark Henry had a child…not that I don’t like it. I am LOVING how he and Zhurong look in this game.


7 new characters…which would end up being 90 playable characters.

The remaining returning characters to be revealed are:

Yue Jin
Zhong Hui
Guan Xing
Fa Zheng


Oh right. Forgot about Cao Xiu. And Guan Xing too. :bluu: Ah well. I was only off by 2.


After seeing Man Chong’s gameplay…it makes more sense why Guo Huai has the same weapon.


Li Dian’s new design is pretty damn fresh, I wonder if he is still going to characterized as the LBGTJLMNOPK representative in this installment?


Nah I have my money on Xun You.


cool scans


DW9 3rd trailer (JP)…


so sounds like it has housing customization, that does give DW9 Empires a headstart adding extra things

and 90 endings, one per character! very epic!!


Yeah Ima need an English version of this.


New character vids…

Guan Suo
Zhang Fei
Sun Quan
Sun Ce
Guo Jia
Wang Yi