The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread




…and more character vids:


Xun You

Cao Cao

Sun Jian

Lu Meng

Liu Bei

Zhuge Liang

Wang Yuanji

Chen Gong[/details]


Sun Ce lost Tonfas…what in the actual fuck…
Also damn Chen Gong doesn’t have the scrolls anymore…
Gonna have to put this game in the DW6 bin until proven otherwise…


what in the actual fuck. have you watched Three Kingdoms live action series? they don’t wield tonfas.
Dynasty Warriors is being a little closer to the source material and a little closer to how war was fought and weapons officers actually wield (which realistically had basically standard swords, spears and bows), and you are crying it’s not as immature as it used to be.


I’ve read the fucking novel, of course they didn’t have fight with fucking Tonfas and Magic scrolls that summoned Sun Tzu’s army…Christ idk how to even argue this lol…

It’s just the same thing they did with 6 that no one liked, and whenever they make DW10 it’ll be back to unique weapons with some other aspect of the game regressed…


they were better off just recycling DW8 combat system and weapons, that way they just add new weapons and moves to the newcomers, and there would be no clones to complain about.

see that’s what happens when you reboot a battle system too much, it forces developers to cut corners.

shared weapons and movesets don’t bother me. but if I was developing DW9, I wouldn’t update the battle system if it required sacrificing weapons/movesets, since the fanbase over the years made it clear they hate that and would hurt the game’s reception in the long run.

and the alternative is unthinkable. DW6 cut characters and it was the worst decision they never made, so thankfully they vowed to not cut characters ever again,
and its actually better to sacrifice weapons and movesets than characters,

however DW spoiled the fanbase too much with unique weapon per character, they have to create a new spinoff series or IP if they wanna be more bold with their reinventions, just like when DW branched off from ROTTK strategy games to introduce a new genre and style of Three Kingdoms concept.


The last 5 characters for DW9 revealed…

Lianshi retains the Duck Hooks from DW8 Empires
Yue Jin now has the Twin Rods
Fa Zheng now has the Urumi (Flexi-sword)
Zhong Hui and Guan Xing now have the Fan Sword


New character vids…

Lu Lingqi
Sima Yi
Lu Su
Cao Pi[/details]


that’s so great there are restaurants and they are adding more immersion to towns besides being item/weapon shops.
would be nice if there is a cutscene reserved for eating animations like Monster Hunter World canteen sequence, though even without that, still cool they are taking steps to the nourishment side of open world lifestyles. Empires can expand upon things.

also a reminder of the great open world size estimations


Even more character vids…

Zhang Jiao
Sima Shi
Zhou Cang
Bao Sanniang
Jiang Wei
Xiao Qiao
Ling Tong
Zhou Tai
Xun Yu
Jia Xiu[/details]


More character vids…


Zhang Liao -

Xu Huang

Taishi Chi

Ma Chao

Jia Chong

Zhu Rong[/details]


On some real shit, with these forums fading into oblivion at the end of the month I’m going to miss my man @“Geese Pants” most of all.

I could always depend on son to keep us abreast of all the dope piff Koei/Omega Force was dropping year round. I appreciated you fam, salute!!


Salute D0mn…Salut.

New vids:


Xu Zhu

Yu Jin

Guan Ping

Lu Xun

Huang Zhong

Zhong Hui[/details]
New mission gameplay.

Expect DW9 to have an all new American dub cast…


anyone play that Fate/Extella game yet? if so, how is it?


It’s okay. The roster is varied enough, but the combat doesn’t have the same punch that you expect from the Omega Force DW games, and normal attacks are quickly outpaced by the Extella Manuevers (attack chain that also hits enemies around you, freezes time, KOs tons of mooks and severely damages LTs and bosses). If you like the Fate source material it’s worth checking out if you can get it cheap, but otherwise, I’d say to pass on it.


They took away Jia Chong’s Tomahawks too?


Thank God. If anything it feels like the VAs got worse over the years. Save for a few characters the English voices were cringeworthy in 8.


To be honest…I’m gonna miss some of the DW mainstay VOs:

Yuri Lowenthal
Terrence Stone
Richard Epcar
Kirk Thornton
Beau Billingslea
Jamieson Price
Lex Lang
Wendee Lee (The only person I believe to have voiced one character from each of the main 3 factions)
Doug Stone
Tony Oliver
G.K. Bowes
Bryce Papenbrook


Fuck if Lu Bu ain’t Jamieson Price, then the English dub is already dead to me lol


New Character vids…

Dian Wei
Xu Shu
Zhang Chunhua
Wei Yan
Gan Ning